Sunday, March 19, 2006

Updates, etc.

I've updated my blog links, so we can all be better linked in this crazy bloggin' thang.

Well, V For Vendetta grabbed the top spot with 26 million, but they said that was behind last year's box office at this time. Does that mean we're going to be running (less $$ per weekend) behind the year where we were running behind?

Ah, Hollywood will survive. I think the Summer will be huge anyways. But I do think V will drop like a stone next weekend.

As for myself, I've gotten back onto my script, ZUCKER, I took off for a few weeks but got juiced about it again and am going to make it my next finished script. Right now I'm into Act 2 and LOVE how fast and smooth Act 1 went.

Then I'll continue working on my real estate comedy (thanks for the title suggestions) as well as a polish of a script I wrote 2 years ago called Surviving Edwards Avenue. and I changed a title of one of my other newer scripts - It was called "Heist Of the Century" now it's called "Wrong Way On A One Way."

Still waiting for April 1st, I'll find out the fates of my scripts that are in 3 contests, so we'll see.

My Development guy is eager for his peers to read my Cricket Hill script, that's where we're at, waiting for them to read it. He still loves it and is supporting it, so we'll see what happens.

A friend of mine sent me Act 1 of his new script, funny stuff. He entered his FIRST screenplay he EVER WROTE with ZERO training/schooling/anything into last year's Fade In contest. And won! (not the grand prize, but was 1st place in his category). Anyway, I wish that bastard the best, and his new script is going well so far. I've got my 3 quarter-finalists in Fade In now, so we'll see if they advance any further.

I'll end with a cool-ass posted for an upcoming Terry Gilliam movie.........


Georgi Rimsakov said...

Cool Terry Gilliam - But another Naomi Watts would be appreciated.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I'm on it.