Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blowin' Chunks

I hate being sick, but far worse than that is when my kids are sick.

I always try to magically suck out their sickness and put it into me, but it never seems to work. My 6.5 year old was sick first, then my 3.5 year old, then me, then the 3.5 year old again (he's sick now, seems to be an upset stomach, etc). Gave him some peach juice, that usually calms their stomachs.

And we've all puked plenty. I started at 4am Saturday morning and puked almost every half hour until 10am. It's funny how helpless one is when they are hugging the porcelain god, their stomach convulsing.

Seems like some sort of stomach bug going around. Damn bugs.


Georgi Rimsakov said...

Was it projectile vomit or something a lot less exciting?

Alicia said...

Yeah - I feel your pain... My youngest twin started at 4:30am on Thursday and kept going - everywhere - for 5 hours, throwing a wrench in Thursday altogether.

Sickness sucks! Especially when it traverses the family. Fortunately, knock wood, only one has had the vomiting sickness. "Boogies" are a constant at the moment since we've now got spring allergies to contend with.

Feel better.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Nah, no projectile, sorry Olaf.

Knocking wood for you, Alicia.

chris soth said...

Hang in.

It's heartbreaking to see your kid sick, or even sad.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Yeah, it sucks, man. The little guy was pretty down and lethargic all day, then I took both boys out for a walk, that seemed to get him back to normal somewhat. Now I just want whatever he had to just stay the hell away!

Grubber said...

Hope you're feeling better there Patrick. Kids are great germ couriers aren't they...I have never been sick as often as when my first kid started going to kindy.

All the best!