Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I love seeing those "should win" "will win" columns, so I figured I'd throw my 2 cents out there.

Supporting Actress - Weisz seems to have it locked up, but I think it might be close. I've love to see Michelle Williams or, even better, Amy Adams pull off a surprise.

Supporting Actor - Love to see Clooney take it, but if Dillon got it that'd be okay, too.

Actor - Seymour Hoffman's got it, but it'd be awesome if Ledger or Howard swiped it.

Actress - Gotta go with my Reese Piece.

Director - Ang Lee will go home with it, but again, I'd like to see Clooney get it. Lee makes terrific movies, but Clooney's got a damn good eye.

Adapted Screenplay - Brokeback.

Original Screenplay - Wouldn't mind if any of these won, but it'd be awesome if Noah Baumbach snuck in and got it. I've been a fan since Kicking & Screamng.

Best Pic - Brokeback will get it, sure, but it'd be something if Crash upset.

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taZ said...

Very Possible guesses.