Sunday, March 05, 2006

NEXT Year's Oscars will go to.................

Ok, '05 is done. Now for 2006. yeah, it's early, and I commented on this a few posts back but I looked at the months ahead and I have some guessing. Here it goes......

Up For Best Picture from 2006?

Flags Of Our Fathers (Eastwood directed WW2 epic)
Dreamgirls (musical w/ Jamie Foxx & Eddie Murphy)
Running With Scissors (Annette Bening stars, directed by creator of Nip/Tuck)
Marie Antoinette (Directed by Sofia Coppola)
The Good Shepard (Directed by DeNiro)

They may be the top films nominated, and if people aren't sick of giving Paul Haggis (he wrote it) & Clint Eastwood awards, they might win. But Running With Scissors has a American Beauty vibe and it could sneak in. I'd bet a lot of $$$ that Annette Bening will WIN an Oscar for it. Or if it's any good Dreamgirls could start sweeping like Chicago did. And maybe Eddie Murphy could grab a best supporting nomination.

But there are plenty of other movies that could step in if any of the above suck-ass or simply bomb. Such as All The King's Men, The Fountain (picture above), The Prestige, The Departed, Zodiac, Breaking & Entering, or Stranger Than Fiction.

Other Best Actresses might be Angelina Jolie for The Good Shepard, Bryce Dallas Howard for Lady in the Water, Kirsten Dunst for Marie Anntoinette, and Meryl Streep for The Devil Wears Prada.

Best Actors could be Jamie Foxx for Dreamgirls, Sean Penn for All The King's Men, Matt Damon for The Good Shepard, Brad Pitt for his Jesse James movie, Will Ferrell for Stranger Than Fiction (that could grab a screenplay nomination, too) or Jude Law for Breaking & Entering.

Other Best Supporting? Casey Affleck or Sam Rockwell for Jesse James. And if The Departed is decent, Nicholson is guaranteed a nomination & win.

Maybe For Your Consideration could jump into the fray. Or Man About Town. Or Brick. The 1st trailer for Apocalypto didn't do anything for me, but maybe it's too early to tell. Maybe Rocky Balboa. Nah....well, you never know.

And animated? Jesus, there will be a lot to choose from. By the end of the year, we will have had: Doogal, Hoodwinked, Cars, Ice Age 2, Flushed Away, Monster House (pic below), Open Season, Barnyard, Happy Feet, Foodfight (this is the title of a 7 year old script of mine, by the way, dammit!!!), Curious George, The Wild, A Scanner Darkly, Ant Bully, Over The Hedge and Meet The Robinsons. Who will win? Not sure, but I would guess that Cars (Pixar), Flushed Away (guys who made Wallace & Gromit) and Monster House (motion-capture like Polar Express) will be in the running.
Monster House, directed by Robert Zemeckis.


taZ said...

Yes, you never know...

I think that Superman and Spiderman will have some effects awards, DaVinci Code some music awards, Flags of our Fathers some best- awards together with Babel.

Of course we don't forget Oliver Stone's World Trade Center and Shimalagia's (or something) Lady in the Water.

Cars, A Scanner Darkly and Ice Age 2 will compete each other. My vote is on the last.

taZ said...

Oh, and by the way, I saw Gallipoli today... Quite a movie!! Glad you mentioned it.

This movie can be even greater by a richer remake.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

WTC might come into play, we'll see. Same with Babel. Certainly anything can happen, and it's way too early to tell, I just thought I'd lob that grenade out there and see how close I can be.

Remake Gallipoli? Hmm. I'd be worried, but if they kept its heart....ah, crap, I just don't know.

Only if I direct it.

Fun Joel said...

Dude, you are crazy! But I admire you for these guesses. Now, what are your picks for 2008? ;-)

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Good question.

Well, there is a sequel to Are We There Yet? coming out in Jan 2007 called Are We Done Yet, but that probably won't be a contender for an Oscar.

I will be curious about the animated Beowulf (Nov. 2007).

Alicia said...

I have to say that Emma Thompson deserves a nod for adaptation. Nanny McPhee was charming. Of course, it was so early in the game that it is likely to be forgotten. I guess it depends on studio support and the timing of the DVD release.l

Patrick J. Rodio said...

True, it might be too early for any support, but the Academy does like her.