Friday, March 03, 2006

Contest Update

Still waiting on some contests/competitions. I'm waiting to hear about Fade In's next announcement (should be around April 1) to see if my 3 scripts that are currently quarter-finalists (Rave at Danny Carter's house, The Money Shot & Jablasco) will move on or be left in the dust. Either way they made the top 400ish out of over 2600 screenplays entered which is cool. We'll see if they make the cut!

I also have the following out at these competitions:

Find The Funny - Rave At Danny’s - Notification on 4/1
Page One - Nine Lives Of Dalt Stickle - Notification in Spring
American Accolades - Rave At Danny’s
IndieProducer - Cricket Hill - Notification on 4/1
Scriptapalooza - The Money Shot & The Rave At Danny’s
BlueCat - The Money Shot, Cricket Hill - Notification in July

As you can see, April Fool's Day will be a big ol' stressful day. I could either be drunk with joy if some of these advance, or drunk with thoughts of suicide as I lay in the middle of my street, naked, and obviously in the fetal position.

Contests coming soon that I'll likely enter, and you should too:

Austin - I was there on their dime in 2003 (Cricket Hill was a finalist (top 3)) in the Comedy category. Amazing, amazing festival. Go. It's best when it's paid for, but if you've never been there, GO! So many terrific panels, seminars, and other awesome writer's to meet.

The Writer's Network These guys have great contacts and really seem to care about the screenplays and making them as solid as possible.

Page International Screenplay Awards: Decent size contest, they're cool because they give a grand prize plus prizes in sub categories (such as Action, Horror, Drama, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi) which is nice so you're freaky horror epic might not get lost in the shuffle.

We'll see what else comes along. I certainly don't enter all the contests out there, and I can't wait for the day when I don't have to send out to so many. My manager and agent have been passing some of the my stuff around so we'll see what comes of that.

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