Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ok, now I'm pissed......

So I'm flipping through my recent isue of Creative Screenwriting magazine, and I see an ad.

It basically says that if you have writer's block, try hypnosis.

WHAT THE FUCK??!?!!!?!

Are they out of their fucking minds?????

First of all, hypnosis is bullshit - No, please, don't send me any stories about your cousin from Tulsa who was hypnotized once and she clucked like a chicken. Your cousin from Tulsa fell off the potato truck when she was a baby, simple as that.

Here's one problem I have, you're ripping off some poor idiot writer (who's already poor as it is) who thinks they'll be cured of writer's block just by doing this. It's the same BS as smokers (getting hypnotized to quit smoking). If you want to quit, just freakin' quit, if you want to smoke, then smoke!

But not only is it a bullshit waste of money, no, I understand people trying to make a buck, even if it is some hypnotist-asshole. I'd be more pissed at the jackass "writer" who thinks they'll be cured of their writer's block by doing something like this.

Hey fuckwad, you got writer's block? Here's some ideas for you (besides NOT being hypnotized like a douche):

1. Walk around the block.
2. Watch Tv/Web surf
3. Take a nice drive

Or, and this one if my favorites for when I get some writer's block:



MaryAn Batchellor said...

What did ya think of Karl Iglesias' article on character development re: "fascination"? I ask because nobody has told me their verdict yet on my question which is -- does "fascination" stand alone or must it be coupled with "empathy" (recognition)?

taZ said...

I think hypnosis work, but I'm against it. Don't ask why.

RKBentley said...

Sometimes CS has some great articles and sometimes, people just scare me at the lengths they'll go to for an idea...

gizmorox said...

The thing about hypnosis is if you go in there believing it will help you, it probably will. Not because the hypnosis has actually changed anything, but because you've convinced yourself that hypnosis has made it all better. You and I think it's hooey because we are of the logical type that is able to make a decision and act on it, but some people need a catalyst to believe in themselves.

That all said, I agree with you that it's ridiculous and it's pretty sketchy that there's an ad in CS advocating it. That's not the best advice. But I suppose it's paid space and they've got bills too, right?

Alicia said...

Please, Patrick, tell us how your really feel! I feel as though you were holding something back!

Georgi Rimsakov said...

... And when I click my fingers, you will write a blockbuster Oscar-winning screenplay.

Let me have the guy's number!

kristen said...

My advice is to take a walk, for sure, but also, read the New York Times. or go to a movie by yourself and show up 20-30 minutes early. Sit there all alone with nothing to do but write in your notebook. Loneliness is the #1 fighter of writers block! (Oh woe is me.)

ScriptWeaver said...

If I'm stuck in my writing, I either take a very hot shower or take a dump.

I owe my bathroom many kudos.

oneslackmartian said...

I'm changing my blog name to


Anonymous said...

the wife wanted me to spruce things up a bit so I went under hypnosis to become a Porn Star... now I spend half the day surfing dubious sites typing one-handed