Sunday, March 26, 2006

I Come In Peace..........

"And you go in pieces."

Classic, they just don't make them like that anymore. Anybody remember that gem? It starred Dolph Lungren, man! I was over at Chris Soth's, checking out his post about good/bad titles and it reminded me about that Dolph Classic. The Alien dude is blowing shit up during the preview, saying "I come in peace" and at the end of the trailer Dolph says to him: "And you go in pieces." Perfect.

Another beauty of a title/tagline is for that not-so classic horror flick:
Popcorn - "Buy a bag.....go home in a box." Beautiful!

By the way, I updated my links section.

Quick update, my Cricket Hill script is still hanging around that company I spoke of, I had another good talk with the Development Dude on Friday, this guy is like 1000% behind it and says his people will read it this passing weekend. I hope they do, and let's hope they actually like it! He's actually been hyping it up to them so much, I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Also, since this guy wants to see this made, he's been sending it out to a few of his own contacts and one guy flipped over the 1st 30 pages, said he'll read the rest over this now-passing weekend. Hoping he flips for the rest of it. He said the 1st 30 was "funny as fuck." I pray the rest reads "funny as fuck."

The Guy Who Flipped is actually a manager for a pretty high profile management company, and although I scored a manager in the recent past, I'd go with them in a heartbeat. I like my manager, but he's more of a friend with great contacts and since he works for a HUGE director in town also, doesn't always have the time to go and sell my stuff. As for my agent, well, he blows. When a company chuckles after you mention your agent's name, it's well-past time for a new agent.


greg said...


Congrads, Man! That is really awesome... hope the reads go well and everything kicks into hight gear. Also hoping no one is spewing anymore... :)

Thanks for the link!


taZ said...

I just HAD to say Lundgren is a Swede.

And yeah, CONGRATS!

Anonymous said...

Funny As Fuck is my new romantic comedy title.... working title that is