Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well, I bombed out. Maybe not bombed. But I'm out of the 2 screenplay competitions I was waiting on. I made the quarter-finals of The Writer's Network Competition (Shuttlecock! & Brightsword) and the Semi-finals of The Screenplay Competition (The Money Shot) but no further in either.

Honestly I was surprised to get as far as I did with The Writer's Network, after I sent those scripts in I was kicking myself, I know I had better ones that I could have sent in.

I don't like to take the festival/contest route but if you've read my earlier posts regarding my "manager/agent" you see I have no choice. So I'll keep on sending stuff: I've got a newer, better arsenal of scripts than I've had in previous years. I've got 2 in particular, THE RAVE AT DANNY CARTER'S HOUSE and THE SCENIC ROUTE that I've already sent out to places like AAA Competition, the Script/Benderspink Open Door and Fade In. Now I just have to play the waiting game - none of these contests will have notifications under Jan/Feb.

So until then I'll keep on keeping on. Guess I can't quit the day job quite yet.


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