Friday, December 23, 2005

Is It Safe?

Freakin' Olivier, man. Like I wasn't already petrified of dentists.

Anyway, I had some nasty writer's blockage for the last 2 weeks. I've worked on a shitload of scripts over the last year, and I think my mind just went blank.

It seems to be going away though, and I've gotten back to work! Funniest thing, I was watching an episode of Tom & Jerry with my son and a great idea for a new script popped in my head, I was flooded with the story, entire scenes, dialogue, etc. It continued the following day as I drove to work, writing down dialogue and scenes as I drove with my knee.

Scripts I've completed this year were The Rave At Danny Carter's House, The Scenic Route, Shuttlecock!, Headshot, and Tourniquet. Plus, I did some nice re-writes on some older stuff including The Money Shot, The Flight Of Barnaby, Jablasco, and Doing It Sideways - The Joshua T. Bolt Story.

So, what's next? Well, I've got some more re-writing to do. I took Scott the Reader up on his offer of script critiquing and he's given me some great insight into the scripts I sent him. As for originals, I'm already into Retail Messiahs and will dive into the Tom & Jerry inspired The Nine Lives Of Dalt Stickle soon.

Let me give a shout-out (Someone slap me for saying "shout-out") to FunJoel who taught me how to link within my post. also, I was gonna say something regarding Christmas but write it as XXX-Mas but that bastard Scriptweaver beat me to it. I'd be all mad if he didn't have that lovely Keira staring back at me on his latest post.


ScriptWeaver said...

Yes! I'm a bastard!

I've also got dibs on:

Happy Ho-Days
Happy Nude Years
Eat Her Sunday

You can have "Happy Hollow Weenie" though.

Fun Joel said...

Again, my pleasure!