Monday, December 05, 2005


Well, some minor good news. My screenplay, HEADSHOT, a horror comedy about a psychotic extra, was a winner in the Writer's Room Horror/Sci-Fi Screenplay competition......Oh, you've never heard of the Writer's Room.

Anyway, I won............a book! Going in I new the prizes were meager, but it's a semi-local contest so I sent in HEADSHOT. The book is A Prayer For the Dying by Stewart O'Nan (signed).

So I'm happyish about it. Certainly rather win Scriptapalooza or something, but it's a notch for the belt.


Grubber said...

Congratulations and sorry about the other two. Better luck next time!

ScriptWeaver said...

Yes, congrats!

If anything, it says that at least one person likes your work. And that's one more than Ishtar!