Monday, December 19, 2005

Helluva a thing, killin' a man......

.......take away all he's got. All he's ever gonna have." Damn that's a good one.

Update for those (me) who care. Got some stuff out to some contests/competitions, and am eagerly awating my rejections. Oh, I'm joshing.

Actually, this year could be interesting. I feel very strongly for 2 scripts in particular that I've been sending out (Rave at Danny's....which I have posted 2 excerpts below) and another comedy called The Scenic Route. Here's what I'm waiting on.. I'll name the contest, then the scripts I entered.........

Zoetrope - Cricket Hill (Finalist top 3 at Austin in 2003) and The Flight Of Barnaby (notification in Feb 2006)
Nashville Screenplay Showdown - The Flight Of Barnaby
Fade In - Jablasco, The Money Shot, The Rave At Danny Carter's House (notification 1/31/06)
AAA Competition - Rave At Danny Carter‘s, The Scenic Route (notifcation 1/1/06 (Quarter-finalists))
Script/Benderspink - Rave at Danny's, The Scenic Route, The Money Shot
All Access - The Scenic Route (notification on 1/16/05)
Set In Philly - The Flight Of Barnaby
Expose It!-Comedy Screenplay Competition - The Scenic Route, Rave at Danny’s (I was a quarter-finalist here last year with a script called Doing It Sideways - The Joshua T. Bolt Story)
Screenplay Shootout - Rave at Danny’s (notifcation on 2/25/05)

Thinking about American Accolades, but I hate sending 2 copies, which is what they want. Like to send to Find the Funny.

Yeah, it's a lot of contests, a lot of friggin cashola out of my asshola, but I'm not gonna get anywhere just staring at 'em! the search for a better agent continues!

I'll certainly let y'all know as the results come in. January& February should be interesting! Peace, mofos!


Konrad West said...

I'm gobsmacked that you can have written so many scripts. How long you been at it?

Iain said...

Good luck with thoses entries. All the best for 2006.

Steve Peterson said...

Good luck with the contests! Entering a bunch of them strikes me as a good strategy. In the wild you really need to maximize your opportunities.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Thanks guys, I'll post any notifications here.

Graduated college (Temple in Philly) in 1997, been at it ever since. I'm 33. I'd say I have close to 40 completed features, I was really cranking them out for a while there (quanity, not so much quality). But to go back and look at a lot of them, they're not in the best of shape. And I cringe when I look at my first couple of scripts. Wow, bad.

I'd say right now though that I've got around 12-14 that are solid that I could just send out at a moment's notice (comedies mostly), and another 10-15 that need another draft/re-write.

ScriptWeaver said...

Damn! That's like $800 in contest entry fees! I can't even afford brads! I have to MacGyver my scripts with a paperclip, piece of gum, and day old semen!

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Yup, it's a lot, but it's spread out. Not like I sent them all at one time. But yes, it's a lot.....(sigh).