Saturday, December 10, 2005


Wrote a script called JABLASCO a few months back. Listed it on, and just this week had a request for it. Inktip is a cool place to list your scripts, as most of y'all know. I've had some success from the site. That's where the infamous "We-Love-Everything-About-Your-Script-But-Want-You-To-Change-Everything-We-Love-About-Your-Script" guys found me.

So anyhoo, we'll see if this new company wants to do something with it. I used to get excited over these requests, now I'm just like, Yeah, whatever, take it. Just a jaded New Jersian I guess.

Side Note - Congrats to Disney on Narnia. 65-70million according to Nice opening! That Disney company just might be going somewhere.

Now I'm off to re-write my screenplay about a guy that gets his wee-wee sliced off and flushed down a toilet. Think Disney would want that one?

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ScriptWeaver said...

If by "wee wee" you mean his imaginary siamese twin that happened to be an effiminate mouse, then yes.