Saturday, December 24, 2005

Contest Notifcation - Expose It!

As I listed earlier, I sent The Scenic Route & The Rave At Danny Carter's House to the above-mentioned comedy competition. And they actually announced the finalists at the exact time they promised, which is nice.

So, The Scenic Route placed..........Nowhere. Dammit. however, Rave At Danny Carter's Honorable Mention.

Not a terrible outcome, it's better that nothing, but certainly producers and such aren't going to be knocking on my door because I was an honorable mention.

Last year I was a quarter-finalist for my script, Doing It Sideways, which is about a struggling actor who turns to porn to make ends meet, and becomes a huge sensation in the adult film world. there were no honorable mentions last year (I'm sure they got more entries this year).

I'll keep updating any notifications from these contests here. Not a homerun, or even a double for Rave so far. More like an infield hit. Or a sacrifice fly. Maybe a hit-by-a-pitch. I've got it out to several other places so we'll see if it gets any further.

Merry X-Mas.


Konrad West said...

Bummer about the contest, but keep plugging at it.

I love the idea of the actor-turned-pornstar. Definitely high concept, because you can sum it up and market it with just one sentence. A great idea.

Steve Peterson said...

Congrats on the mention -- things to add to the CV are always nice. While I don't think the CV helps much with spec scripts, I figure they might help get you a manager.

Also, agree with Konrad -- the actor turned porn star is very cool, though it might fall victim to the wariness Hollywood has about maknig movies about Hollywood, which seems justified since those films usually don't draw a big crowd. Maybe change the career, like a politician turned porn star or something to help raise campaign funds.

oneslackmartian said...

Howard Stern once told this story about his first job after college was working on a set for a porn shoot. He didn't know it was a porn shoot until he got there. Anyhow, it was a damn funny story. Always thought there was movie potential in the story.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Thanks for the input, guys. I'll probably send Doing It Sideways out to a few more places, see what happens.