Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Okay, now, I can't be the 1st to notice this, but somebody is copying from somebody here, and it's between Pixar/Disney and Dreamworks Animation. Listen up.

I'm not going to go into release dates or anything, just the movies:

Pixar - A Bug's Life (adventure with ants)
Dreamworks - Antz (adventure with ants)

Pixar - Monster's Inc (loveable monster guys)
Dreamworks - Shrek (loveable monster guy)

Dreamworks - Madagascar (animals get loose, etc)
Disney - The Wild (animals get loose, etc) See poster above.

Pixar - Cars
Dreamworks - I swear I read they were working on a Route 66 movie.

Over the Hedge - Dreamworks
Open Season, Barnyard, ah fuck it.

See my point though? It just seems like somebody is swiping these ideas, sure this happens all the time in Hollywood, but most of the general plots for these movies are pretty much exactly the same.


writebrother said...

I just saw a pardoy of all these animated movies on Mad Tv or Saturday Night Live. They had one called "Forks" where a fork runs off with a spoon and has a great adventure or something. All these movies are indeed the same.

taZ said...

Didn't notice before, but it is very true!

Good thing both of them are making good animated pics...

Patrick J. Rodio said...

"Forks" That's a good one.

Good point Taz, for the most part at least most of them are good. Although Madagascar has some pretty dull moments, except when the penguins are on-screen.