Monday, February 27, 2006


On Friday, a producer requested one of my scripts, Shuttlecock!. He found my listing on and liked the synopsis. I gave it a polish over the weekend and off it went (in the mail today).

I'm waiting to hear about my Cricket Hill script, this was the one where the development dude LOVED it so now I'm just waiting to hear if everyone else did too. He requested 2 additional scripts (A Couple Of Joes (Family Comedy) and The Flight Of Barnaby (Romantic Drama) so I sent those off as well.

I've got a couple things out to some competitions that I'm waiting to hear back on, a few will announce quarter-finalists, etc in March & April. I'm hoping to still be included in Fade In when they announce the Semi-finalists in March.

I kicked ass with my new script, Zucker, all last week. I took a break from it to give Shuttlecock! a nice polish, which ended up being more involved than I had planned, but now it's in great shape so I'm happy. Then I moved over to The Rave At Danny Carter's House which I'm finishing a polish on now, then I'll go back to Zucker.

For any of you out there looking for good competitions to send something in to, check out The BlueCat Screenplay Competition (deadline is 3/1)which is run by Gordy Hoffman (yeah, Phillip Seymour Hoffman's bro) and Scriptapalooza (deadline is 3/3). Also, Austin is accepting entries.


Robert Hogan said...

Congrats on the reads. Keep up the good work.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Thanks, Rob. Good luck on all of your stuff as well.

Lucy said...

You're a star. I wouldn't have known about Scriptapolooza's deadline if it wasn't for you. My entry is going off this afternoon.

Did you enter Blue Cat? I did. Will you be posting your feedback on your blog? I will if you will ; )

Hope you do well with the producers etc. Let us know!

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Sure! I will post me feedback. I've sent 2 scripts off to them, and I will post both feedbacks in full.

I sent 1 to Scriptapalooza 2 weeks ago and might send another before the 3rd.

Lucy said...

Then it's a date!

Blog wise that is ; )

Unless you can get round your rules? You'd have to become a woman before I can have an affair with you tho.

This is getting way out of hand...

Patrick J. Rodio said...

No need to become a woman.

Plus, weren't rules made to be broken? No? Oh, then isn't it fun to break some once in a while anyway?

And out of hand is fine by me.

Lucy said...

Is that some kind of American double entendre?

Things are getting WAY FROOTY.


Someone told me you were all a bunch of puritans yesterday. Shows how wrong you can be ; )

Patrick J. Rodio said...

By the way, we DO have one rule:
Don't get caught!