Thursday, February 02, 2006

Script Update

The poster's got nothing to do with my post, it's just funny.

Here's my update, a mixture of good news/bad news......

Putting the finishing touches on my new comedy, WHITE GOLD. It's done, I'm just going through it, removing typos, punching up the funny, etc.

Got word from the AAA competition, and it's a bust. No quarterfinalist for me. Waiting to hear if I'm a "consider" which bascially is like saying I was almost a quarterfinalist, so it's better than nothing, but not much better. We'll see.

Also got word from Zoetrope. Nada. They told me to pound sand. I'm not to surprised by this one though, I sent an older script that I liked, but the more I thought about it after I sent it, it needed work and I should have sent something else.

My Rave At Danny Carter's House screenplay ain't setting the world on fire, but based on some terrific notes by Scott The Reader, I'm gonna fix her up a bit and she'll be ready to go. It did place as an honorable Mention in December's Comedy Screenplay Competition, which isn't too shabby. But not a win, darnit. I'll be sure it's ready for Scriptapalooza, Austin, and Philip Seymour Hoffman's brother's screenplay contest, Bluecat.

I did have request for a script, however, thanks to a listing on they requested Cricket Hill, so I sent that baby out this morning.

Now I'm waiting to hear from Fade In (I heard they'll announce on 2/6) and Script Magazine's last contest (Benderspink) - they said it'll be within the 1st week of February.

Over the next week I'm gonna go fiddle with The Nine Lives Of Dalt Stickle and my new epic, The Battle Of Thunder Hill. When I'm not in the mood for funny, however, I'll be working on Under Indiana, a new crime drama that is coming along nicely.

Now go write somethin' dammit.


Lucy said...

Wow, sounds like you have loads of irons in the fire, good luck with all that!

I HATE it when you (as in "one", not you personally!) send stuff out with the best of intentions, sure it's your best writing to date, then because the company you've sent it to takes THREE MILLION YEARS to read it by the time it comes back with a "Pass" you've already torn it apart in your head. So-called beauty of hindsight, I guess - plus life moves on in the meantime. We've all been there! : )

deepstructure said...

wow - the incredibly prolific patrick! that's an amazing amount of scripts to be sending out. good on ya.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I used to rally churn them out but have since slowed down and actually tried to make them all GOOD!

Hopefully it'll pay off!!!

oneslackmartian said...

As a Hoosier, "Under Indiana" sounds interesting. Of course, under Indiana is Kentucky, and that SUCKS!