Monday, February 06, 2006


Quickie update - No love from AAA competition, not even a consider. Nothing from Zoetrope. Still waiting on Script Magazine/Benderspink contest.

BUT! I'm a quarter-finalist for Fade In Magazine's contest. I'm pretty happy about that - I sent a script there last year and got nowhere, I sent 3 in this year (Jablasco, The Money Shot & The Rave At Danny Carter's House) and all 3 are quarter-finalists.

Now, it's still early, so I'll hold off on the parade down my street, the scripts have to get through 2 more rounds (semi's & finalist rounds). And I'm certainly not the only multiple quarter-finalist (I think 2 people had 4 scripts listed!) and I'm in with about 400 other scripts, but considering they got around 2000 scripts, I do feel pretty damn good today about it. I mean, it's a big contest and they've had a lot of success with past finalists/winners getting their scripts made, etc.

Anyway, we'll see. I should know if any of the 3 will move on in March. That would blow me away. Fingers and toes will be crossed.

Also today, a producer found me on and requested 2 of my listed screenplays (The Money Shot (comedy) & Headshot (horror comedy)) so I'll send them off to him and see what he thinks.

Now only if the Seahawks won this week would be perfect!


taZ said...

Congrats! To have all three scripts as quarter finalist is pretty amazing!

Justin James said...

With 3 horses still in the race who knows how far you will go. Congrats.

deepstructure said...

congrats on the scripts and condolences on the seahawks.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Yeah, I hope one of my horsies can get in there, who knows. Thanks for the support guys.

The Constipated Writer said...

Congrats man, that's awesome news!

The Moviequill said...

way to go!... good luck (what do we writers say to writers, can't be "break a leg" so um, "break a pencil!"

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Just got Fade In's smail-mailed letter, said they had over 2600 entries so it's nice to be in the top 400ish.

Thanks for the support gang, I'll need it if when the semi's are announced and they tell me to pound sand!!!