Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Underrated

I hate it when movies I love fall off the radar, and it seems nobody else got to see them or experience them. Or maybe when it was released it just disappeared. I'm listing some of my favorites that didn't get much reception when first released. What are some of yours? Mine include:

Joe Vs. The Volcano: John Patrick Shanley directed, with Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan. Also check out The 'Burbs for another smaller (but excellent) Hanks flick.

Fearless - from my all-time favorite director, Peter Weir. Starring Jeff Bridges, and has just about the best ending of any movie. Ever.

Jacob's Ladder - 1991 Tim Robbins, Ving Rhames. Directed by Adrian Lyne.

Fandango - Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson.

State Of Grace (1990) - Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Ed Harris, Robin Wright Penn

Grand Canyon (1991) - Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, Steve Martin, Jeremy Sisto - Directed by Lawrence Kasdan

Bodies, Rest & Motion - Tim Roth, Bridget Fonda, Eric Stoltz

Hamburger Hill - Don Cheadle, Steven Weber. A gem of a Vietnam film.

Barton Fink - Coen Brothers.

King Of the Hill - Directed by Steven Soderbergh, starring Adrien Brody, Kathryn Heigl, and Jesse Bradford. Depression-era coming-of-age story.

The Edge - Alec Baldwin, Anthony Hopkins. Writen by David Mamet, directed by Lee Tamahori. Good story, tense adventure.

The Iron Giant - Animated. Wow, what a beautiful movie. Great for kids & adults! Vin Diesel voices the Iron Giant. Directed by Brad "The Incredibles" Bird.

Closet Land - Starring Alan Rickman & Madeline Stowe - And NOBODY else.

Kicking & Screaming - Directed by Noah "The Squid & The Whale" Baumbach.

Fly Away Home - Another nice kids movie, but beautifully shot & directed, with a great score.

Your turn!


writergurl said...

Didn't "Sate of Grace" also have John Travolta in it?

Lee said...

Sadly no, although no doubt that would have been a hell of a movie.

I watched State of Grace at two o'clock one morning, and spent the hour afterwards looking for somewhere, anywhere, that was open and selling cigarettes, it gave me such a craving.

Great choices.

taZ said...

I'm outside US so I don't dare saying any, but...
"Million Dollar Baby" maybe?


Patrick J. Rodio said...

Phew, I thought Taz lost it by mentioning Million Dollar Baby. Glad he was joking.

Maybe you're thinking Shout, Writergurl?

And yes, State Of Grace does co-star a carton of cigarettes, which is usually Sean Penn's co-star.

Anonymous said...

The Station Agent, The Cooler, A Love Song For Bobby Long, Bandits, Waking Up In Reno

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Meant to check out bobby Long. Now I will!

oneslackmartian said...

Zero Effect and Lord of the Rings 2.

writergurl said...

I have "Bobby Long" on dvd, pretty good movie, but I saw the "twist" from a loooooong way off.

taZ said...

The Usual Suspects is quite underrated I think. There isn't even a DVD to buy in most countries! (read Sweden)