Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Great film. I'd say Spielberg is at his peak. But it's like the guy has more than 1 peak.

Daniel Craig, Eric Bana - awesome. I hope Craig kicks ass as Bond, seems like a waste of his talents. Cinematography was perfect. And some of the sequences astound. It's good to see Spielberg in this genre.

Now, is it something I'll ever see again? Maybe when it first comes out on DVD, but it's not like The Shawshank Redemption, Glory or Field Of Dreams, Saving Private Ryan or Jaws, movies I can watch from whichever scene to the end.

But it brings up amazing points and ties it into present day events.

I mean, why wouldn't they want revenge for Munich? Why wouldn't we want to avenge 9/11? But what does it bring us? Just more bloodshed. And more "replacements" to the terrorists that we killed in our vengenance. And maybe the replacement are even worse than who we killed. But we can't just let these massacres slide either. We can't sit idle while people fly planes into us. Or kill more innocents. Just a real screwed up situation we have.

And now we're down 2000+ troops for a nonsensical war in Iraq. I'm certainly not gonna get political here, but Munich will make you think about these things, and we should be thinking about them. Plus, it makes you really pissed off that some crazy lady is honking her horn in the middle of the street while you're trying to do a good deed.............


taZ said...

Unfortunately it's the way everything is. But it's not even revenge anymore. Revenge is just a good cause to war.

Everything is political.

oneslackmartian said...

I haven’t seen Munich yet, but I have read George Jonas’s book Vengeance several times. (I think Munich was based on this book, anyhow.) What I found amazing in the book was how the Mossad agents took extreme care beyond all belief in not killing any innocent people.

And yes, here we are fighting terrorism with tanks and humvees.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

True Oneslack, they talk about that in the movie. The "no civilian" rule.

Amazing stuff. Check it out.