Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Impatient Beeyotch

Warning: Some salty language to follow.........

Okay, so The Purple Heart comes by today, we've got like 20 bags of clothes to donate. The man pulls up, nice guy probably in his 50s, and he starts loading our donation. I help him out since it's a lot of bags.

Then this woman (let's call her Impatient Bitch), I'd say in her 40s, nice car, pulls behind his truck (it was blocking our small street) and immediately leans on her horn. So I give her a "one-minute" signal and throw a few more bags on and she honks again, and I motion for her to drive around the block. Impatient Bitch says "Why should I have to go around the block?" And I'm like we're just loading a donation and she mumbles and I tell her we'll be done in two minutes.

Then Impatient Bitch said well how long and I'm like TWO MINUTES. I mean, what the fuck? And she's complaining and saying well is it gonna be 2 minutes or is it gonna be right now? I was tempted to tell her to suck not just one but BOTH of my balls, but I resisted.

It's not like we were in the middle of the street playing hockey, we were loading a donation, gifts for down-and-out people basically, and this bitch, who I KNOW had nowhere important to be, is breaking my balls. If it was me, and it was that important or life-threatening, I would have done a K-turn and driven around the block which would have taken no more than 30s seconds, and that's if you're inspired to stop at the stop sign. I told the Purple Heart guy (obviously and rightly-so annoyed at her) not to worry about her and we finished up, shook hands, ignored Impatient Bitch, and made like Journey and went our separate ways.

My point? The truck blocked the street for no more than 2 minutes, and she had no right to start going off. She looked like a Realtor, the scums I see and deal with every day. Okay, not all realtors are bad. But most are.

People need to get a grip, man. There's a lot of bad shit out in the world, you know? Important shit - Wars, Racism, and Mother Nature's kicking the shit out of us. Point is, she could have patiently waited for the 2 minutes.

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