Monday, January 23, 2006

Revenge is a dish best served cold.......

Finish that quote and I'll give you a dollar.

Screenwriting Update:

I'm almost finished WHITE GOLD, a comedy about the last day of filming on a low-budget movie. This will likely be the next thing I complete. I'm at the home stretch! I love the home stretch!

Been tinkering with a few ideas and beginnings of screenplays, but I haven't "committed" to a particular one yet. Usually, after I hit page 30+ I consider that committed. One such script I'm committing to is UNDER INDIANA, my first drama in over a year. For 2005, it was comedy all the way. I'm also working on a new comedy called THE HEIST OF THE CENTURY.

How are the contests going? Shitty, thus far. I heard back from So You Wanna Be A Screewriter. They might as well have sent back a tape with laughter on it.

Just heard from AAA competition. I sent 2 there. I went 0 for 2. How did I place 2nd out of 3000+ scripts in the Austin Film Festival in 2003? Fluke? Maybe. Seems so long ago now. Who knows. But I still have confidence in the other screenplays I have out to other festivals & contests, as well as the newer scripts I'm working on. Only a matter of time, right?


The Awful Writer said...

Spoken by Khan in 'Wrath of Khan'. It ends with is very cold in space

I accept Paypal.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

We have a winna!!!!!!

Grubber said...

Nice poster by the way.