Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Stand-In

This is my latest script and the one my manager is fully behind. I'm through the 1st act and swimming nicely into Act Dos. It's very mainstream, high concept stuff. I'll post some excerpts soon.

It's about a former high school loser who hires a male supermodel to attend his high school reunion posing as the former loser. That's only the jumping off point, the reunion stuff ends by the end of Act 1.

Not groundbreaking stuff, but it's a fun concept. I wrote the beginning 10 pages about 6 years ago actually and just let it sit there. Then a few months back I was pitching some completed scripts & works in progress to my new manager. As he shot them down one by one (he's Mr. Mainstream-High-Concept, which is cool, but I've got more of an independent film mindset/fuck-the-3-act-structure way of thinking typically) I then pitched him this and he loved it. Easy to pitch, and if you're a Studio Exec you can "see" the movie, that was his point, and it's true. I am rather sick of working my useless 9-5, so I'll gladly get this puppy on its feet.

As for other stuff, we're waiting on feedback from sending out Food Fight (feature script). It's been in some pretty important hands over the last month, from agencies to prod. companies, so we'll see how that goes down.

Cricket Hill is awaiting word from our director. He's been extremely busy of late (just finished re-shoots for his next film (The Chaos Theory, starring Ryan Reynolds) and is in the middle of directing an episode of The Nine).

That's all I got for now! Gotta get back to Act 2!


taZ said...

Hey PJ! Sounds great! And nice director you got considering Cricket Hill. Saw Underclassman the other day and thought it was pretty fun.

Good Luck!

The Moviequill said...

good luck, love the Stand In pitch... I recently re-read my book of loglines and managed to combine two half-assed concepts into one full-assed so I have been as busy as a beaver at a wood eating contest

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Nice, MQ! I've done that before, it's nice when you can work a few different ideas together.