Saturday, November 11, 2006

Back from Vaca

Well, I'm back. We hit Florida for a week, did the Disney thing (again, we went for Easter) and hit a few other things. We basically covered what we missed last time in Disney - it's still the same, plastic perfection. I still think they need to update the Magic Kingdom. Their Carousel Of "Progress" is a joke, and the marionette-type of puppets just don't cut it.

We also hit Medieval times (very cool) and Wonderworks (magicians, comedy, etc - neat place). Gatorland was in flames when we arrived so that was out, so we went to Silver Springs. An okay place but it's basically run by Grandparents - Nice joint with some good views of gators & shit, but it needed some life! You could hear a pin drop. Our "captain" who rode us around in their famous glass-bottom boats said he'd worked their for 100 years - I believed him.

We also stayed at the Nick Hotel for a night - 100x better than a Disney hotel stay. When I walked into our suite and saw the very large flat-screen TV on the living room wall, they had me.

Finally, South Of The Border. Bomb it. Just get rid of the thing. I used to think its retro-look made it a cool place. Now I realize it's just a dirty, filthy abomination run by Guttertrash. Couldn't even attept to eat at any of their restaurants, they all stunk of piss and cancer.

Anyway, the family had a good time. I think my wife only threatened to kill me 3-4 times (I likely deserved it) and I believe I only threatened my oldest son with leaving him by the side of the road twice. Good times!

Now, back to work.


The Moviequill said...

I have never been to Disney-anything but I am picturing Medieval World like that classic movie Westworld. I get that same feeling when walking the strip in Vegas with that canned voice broadcasting overtop the streets

Thomas Crymes said...

I'm guessing the crowds weren't terrible this time of year.

Driving down with a couple of kids in tow is not my idea of a good time.

Maybe if I could give them sedatives.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

The kids were actually pretty well behaved, considering the drive.

Also, medieval times isn't part of Disney, it's a whole separate beast. But it was actually pretty cool.

Lord Writington said...

Next time you go to Orlando check out Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. Only Dollie could retell the bloodiest chapter in American history through a dinner theater format that makes no mention of slavery and includes unlimited fried chicken.