Thursday, November 02, 2006

How Silly Can you Get?

What movie features the above-mentioned song? Winner gets a cookie.

Nothing new on the writing front. Cricket Hill (TV Show Pilot) is still out to the director's agents, awaiting word on our next step. These things take time, lots of it.

Food Fight (Feature) has seen the rounds, and is still seeing more rounds. No one has bit yet. C'mon, people, bite!

With all my new writing ideas that I wanted to start work on, I froze up and couldn't really focus on any of them. so I switched gears and went back to re-write a 7 year old script (one of my better ones from that era), gave it a new title and voila! I love it all over again. I'll send it out to the manager this weekend and see what he thinks.

Ain't seen crap at the movies, but I'd like to see The Departed, The Prestige and The Borat. But Borat's release was slimmed down (I heard it'll go out on 800 screens). With the buzz this was getting, I thought a wider release would have been smarter. Then again, I'm still a home inspector so what do I know. Deja Vu doesn't look like anything special, I'll wait for HBO.

Saw American Dreamz. It stank. Slow and NOT very edgy. Had a moment or two, and the performances were good, but the script stunk like a beer shit. Deja Vu doesn't look like anything special, I'll wait for HBO.

Weeds - Now that was a finale. Balls to the wall fun, tension, and great drama. A highlight was when the youngest son, while giving his speech as he's graduating INTO Junior High, lashes out at the clueless parents/teachers, etc and exclaims "There are motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane." Brilliant. Can't wait 'til next season.


Anonymous said...

Top Secret

Scribe LA said...

Thanks Partick for info on American Dreamz... I have almost rented that basically ever since it came out and something always stops me. Now I will stop reaching for it and just catch it on cable at 2am. If you haven't seen Thank You For Smoking or The Break-Up, both are worthy rentals..

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I saw Thank You For Smoking, Aaron Eckhart ruled that. I will be checking out The Break-Up soon.

ScriptWeaver said...

Loved your Deja vu moment.

ScriptWeaver said...

Loved your Deja vu moment.

William said...

Saw The Departed a few weeks ago and Borat last night. Marty's back with a solid one and Borat is fucking hilarious! Lotta fun.

Brett said...

Actually, it's TOP SECRET! (with an exclamation point)

I was singing the song even before you'd finished posing the question-- it's one of my favorite movies.

And I think that says waaaaaaay too much about me.
skeet surfing B

David Bishop said...

Top Secret! More laughs per minute than, well, anything.

What phoney dog poo?

It means Girl Whose Bosoms Defy Gravity.

My surgeons had to operate for three hours just to get the smile off his face.

And many, many, many more. Classic.