Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I hate waiting on these screenwriting festivals/competitions/rolls-of-the-dice for them to annouce their finalists. I've got 2 in particular that I'm waiting on, The Screenplay Festival and the Writer's Network. I hear there's a new one coming soon called "Even If You Win This Festival Nobody Will Buy Your Script Competition."

My script THE MONEY SHOT is currently a semi-finalist in the Screenplay Festival. Fingers crossed. But I've noticed a few scripts within my category that have been winning/placing high at other competitions, so if I can squeeze in there I'll be surprised. Ah, who knows.

Then there's The Writer's Network; they allowed us to send 2 scripts, which I did. I sent Shuttlecock! and Brightsword. Shuttlecock is a comedy about one man's redemption set against the backdrop of Championship Badminton. And then I've got Brightsword, which is like Lord Of the Rings but a comedy (and without any rings). Not sure how they grade these things, Screenplay Fest is supposed to announce this week I believe and Network on December 1st.

So until then I'll hold off on using the razor blades.

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