Friday, November 18, 2005


Okay, so this company in Canada asked for one of my scripts. I sent it, and they guy flipped. Loved it, said he's make it right now. AWESOME! I thought. Now, I've been down this road before, so I usually don't get my hopes up these days, but he was amped.

All he had to do was present it to his partners. Great! Look forward to their thoughts!

Couple days pass and I get the call: They like it, but they're on the fence. Damn that fence. So, I say, I understand that, I'm not against re-tooling or doing a re-write, whatever, you know? He tells me to send another script I wrote which has similiar themes as the one he likes, I think this is a good idea since it sounds like EXACTLY what they're looking for.

It wasn't. My guy says he liked the first script better, however, he wanted me to change the ENTIRE plot/concept/story, which completely kills the story and the whole point of it all. I mean, I'd be starting from scratch. And even then Iw as like, okay, I'm not against changing things or working with these guys, you? They've showed and interest, which is more than my fucking manager has shown. But I wrote to him and told him basically that I wouldn't want to work on something in the HOPES that they'd like or enough to buy or option it.

His reply:
"As far as your script goes, I really can't commit to saying i can give you my 100% attention. I really like the idea and I think, if you are up for it, we can work on it together and but i can't say that at the in one month we will buy it and make it. I think we should keep the concept and re-build the story from the ground up & keep the idea but lets play with who they are and why they do what they do. I'm not sure it you like that but I will work on it with you but more on my own time. I really think you have something special and I want to mold it to it can be that golden script that everyone wants. Then we can pass it along to my partners and see if its something we all want. (obviously i will want, it more them.) So what i suggest for right now is that you go back and try to forget the story and keep the concept and go from there. Feel free to email me with your ideas and I will do the same. what do you think? Hope to hear from you soon."

Sure, dude.


ScriptWeaver said...

I got twitches reading your story. It's an all too familiar scenario. All you can do is take the advice of some dimwitted Stormtroopers...

"Move along. Move along."

derek said...

I haven't experienced anything that extreme, but I've been there before. I would argue that at this point, let the baby have his bottle and while you're working on it, keep sending the good version out.