Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Friends Zone

No screenwriting updates tonight, just a movie review. No, no, I didn't go see In The Mix. I still got Usher's back though.

Funny freakin movie, JUST FRIENDS. A good example of comedy done well, if you ask me. Everyone in it is stellar. Ryan Reynolds stands out, he's just perfect. I like him as much as Vince Vaughn really, they've both got that sorta improv-off-the-cuff delivery going. I hear it may do about 12-15 mil which ain't bad, it couldn't have cost much to make. Great job, Ryan. Let me get a few scripts out to you.......

Anna Farris is perfect as the singer, and you'd be smart to stick around for her song at the end of the credits. Good stuff. Amy Smart adds some nice touches to what could have been a typical love interest role. And I like that Chris Klein, he's great against-type in this - A Jersey Playa. And whoever that kid is who plays the brother (he was in Girl's Next Door, the wannabe director) just rocks. A+.

Saw a preview for The Ringer. Looks funny, but probably needs to be Rated R to be FUNNY.

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