Friday, November 25, 2005


Okay, I've got an update on the Canadian production company that loved my script but wanted me to completely change EVERYTHING in it but
keep everything they loved about it.........HUH?! Dude makey no sensey.

A quick synopsis of the script. It's called The Money Shot and is about a College Film Student who reluctantly makes a porn to sell for a quick buck when there's a screw-up with his financial aid. that's it in a nutshell, anyway. so the Candians loved the script, well at least my contact did, but now wanted me to change the concept. Here's an e-mail I just received:

""Sorry I've been crazy busy with work and family stuff. But fear not I have not forgotten about you. I think maybe you should consider elderly men doing the porn? what do you think? really try to detach yourself from the story and go back to what's really good about this film. I think its your characters and the fact that they are making porn. maybe all of theses guy are like film buffs, or older film makers that got sick of making features. not sure but try to run with the old man thing I think if you combined "Grumby Old Men" with the "Girl next Door" you might have something. Let me know what you think again its just and idea.""

Jesus Christ, man. Old Men. Making Porn??? Isn't that creepy? Who do they cast? Their daughters or grandkids? And I can smell the Viagra jokes 7 miles away. Or have old people as the porno actors, maybe they'd cast an aging porn star, some hot cripple in her 70s, yeah, that'll sell. Yuck. Christ, man.

The beauty of my original concept (and again, I'm not against tweaking, polishing, re-writing to improve what's there, etc, I'm not saying it's perfect) but it's fun when it's college kids. And with the with all the financial aid crap that we sometimes deal with, the audience can RELATE. Who the hell would see old people doing it? And why? Did their pensions run out?

Holy cow.


ScriptWeaver said...

Oh, those silly Canadians!

derek said...

Is this the same script/company from the earlier post? Yeah, I think molfding anything to fit Grumpy Old Men is perfect, since that franchise really did blockbuster!!

Grubber said...

I could even handle a middle aged man going through a mid-life crises who makes some porn....maybe to support himself when his wife leaves him and his business fails...but old men....I agree, just a tad off-putting.

Best of luck!

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Yeah, it's the same company. I get that he's probably brainstorming, throwing ideas at me, but so far his ideas suck.