Monday, December 03, 2007

Dig My Dug

Windy as shit outside. Took the trash out tonight and noticed that ALL of the freakin leaves have fallen off a tree by the street (it must have happened all at once). The leaves covered the front steps and I couldn't have people tripping up the steps and curbing themselves, so I took care of business. Nothing like raking in the dark.

In other news Jessica Alba is still hot and MTV needs more videos.

In the world of the tube, I gotta say I'm getting sick of Chuck. I liked Chuck a lot, but they are having the same damn conversation all over again - Chuck looks at Hot But Vacant Blonde, she doesn't give 2 shats, he asks are they together like fo' real, she says no it's still just a cover and ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Best thing about the show is the Nerd Herd & Adam Baldwin. Actually, Chuck (the dude) is cool but this plot point sucks cat hair.

Heroes had its big Fall finale. Whoppee. Sylar "is back." I know this because he said it out loud when he started up a conversation with a spinach can.

Laid (the re-write) is cruising along, but I'm realizing now that I could have been working on it for the last half hour but instead I'm typing this very important post. Damn me and my bad decisions.

I'm itching to get some other scripts started/continued/dusted off but I must must must get this re-write out of my way.

I think I just heard the trash cans take a shit all over the street. Damn wind.


Anonymous said...

I bailed on Chuck ages ago for the same reason. How many times can I watch the same thing, he gets involved in some hair raising super spy crap then goes back to being the shy geek with the same nervous gestures around chicks as he changes batteries in the fucking portable cd player as if nothing happened... tune in next week when he figures out where the headphone jack is and he actually agrees to share a banana with Helga, the flirty produce manager from SafeWay

Pretty lousy cliffhanger on Heroes too for sure, like when we saw him take the blood what did we think was going to happen?

Patrick J. Rodio said...

It's a shame, it's got potential. Reaper has the same possible problem, but they seem to keep things fresh, have better writing, and I like the introduction of the devil's daughter sub-plot.

Plus at least you can picture the Reaper Work Bench people getting together, but those two from Chuck have ZERO chemistry.

Also, does Heroes always have to end with Nathan telling The Incredible Hulking Peter that he loves him?

L.R. Williams said...

I would rather have the wind by itself than the foot & a half of snow that comes with it - like I'm getting now!

Robert Hogan said...

I gave up on Chuck after the first episode. I didn't watch the second season of Heroes. I DVRed all the episodes, and the other night I turned to Beautiful Wife and asked if she planned on watching them. She shruged with indifference, so they all got deleted. For my money the best thing I've seen on TV this fall has been Shrek the Halls.

Simon said...

I'm on the cusp of letting Chuck go for all the reasons stated here, same with My Name is Earl as the jokes are just getting old.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with your comments re: Chuck. Still something could be salvaged from the show, perhaps a nerd herd spin-off? They seem to have captured the chemistry that's missing between Chuck and what's her name.