Sunday, December 09, 2007

2007 - Year Of The Suck

I'm talking about my family. They're disappearing, fast.

May 2007 - Stepmom died (Cancer)

September 2007 - Real Mom Died (Emphezema related)...This one was quite a blow. Had a pretty rotten relationship, almost to the very end, and when she passed I cried like a baby. Anyone have a time machine?

Today - Lost Grandpa #2. Lost my 1st Grandpa (Called him Poppy!) in 2001, that Grandpa was like my Father - he basically raised me.

Grandpa #2 was a nice man, although I only met him when I was 18 (long story, met my bro when I was 15, and my Dad when I was 18 - I am the king of dysfunction!). But Grandpa #2 was a neat old guy, kinda lost it mentally over these last few months, got very sick this last week and went pretty quick).

But it's weird when I think of this: Everyone who raised me is GONE. Along with the above-mentioned Mom & Poppy, I lost my Grandma in 2005 (she was Nanny, and was like a mother to me).

Nanny had been in a rest home for a few years, didn't recognize anyone for several years. Always seem to be familiar with me though, like she thought I was someone she might have known. One of the last times I saw her, I fed her, and she smiled, content. It was my Driving Miss Daisy moment, like at the end when Hoke feeds Daisy. I really miss her, and never really had a chance to say a proper good-bye.

When Poppy died, it rocked me, too. He'd been sick for a while but hung around, he was strong like that. Last thing he said to me was: "Go, have fun. Don't worry about me." He died 2 days later.

I need to talk to them again. Just a little sit down, give me like 10 minutes with each of them, just to let them know that all the times I rolled my eyes at them or laughed off their advice, well, they were probably right, and I was young and stoopit. And that in my life I'll be okay and I'll do the best I can to make them proud.

I can do that in 5 minutes, but I think 10 minutes is fair.


Fun Joel said...

So sorry to hear of your most recent loss. May you find comfort, my man.

japhy99 said...

Sorry PJR -- that's a lotta loss.


William said...

I hear ya Patrick, I hear ya.

Make them proud and be well.

Julie O'Hora said...

Sorry for your sucky year. I like to believe that they all have front-row seats to watch you rock out 2008.

(Actually, I have to believe that -- anything else is simply unacceptable.)

Aaron said...

sorry to hear about your loss.

Thomas Crymes said...

2007 wasn't particularly great for me, but for you...

Losing all those people must be devastating. I feel for ya.

Hopefully you've filled your quota for quite awhile.

Grubber said...

Sorry to hear about all those losses in your life recently. It would make me hug my own kids a little harder each time.

Rhys said...

I'm so sorry. :(

2007 sucked in so many ways. But you're awesome and every one of them is proud of you. I'd bet on that.