Friday, November 30, 2007

Meaningless Update #59704836N

Geez, no takers on the meme deal? Fine. Just 'cause there be a strike don't mean we can't have a lil' fun.

I'm hearing this strike may end by the holidays. Let's hope it does, and us writer folk get a fair shake, and the crews can actually get back to work and continue to feed their babies.

I'm working on a few things. Need to get my Laid re-write done ASAP. As soon as the strike-smoke clears, we're going to get this puppy in circulation. My manager has got some nice plans for it.

I'm looking at some older scripts to punch up after Laid is done. I've got about 3-4 that I'd like to take swipes at. Plus about 10 that I'd love to begin. Just not enough time in the frakkin day.

On TV - Reaper & 30 Rock rule. Chuck has moments. Nip/Tuck is eh. Weeds is getting old. Bionic Woman is better than expected.

In da Theater - I need to see Juno & No Country.

Song of the day: The Killers - Shadowplay.


Aaron said...

I plan on playing the Meme game, but I've been swamped.

Chuck has a lot of charm, and I think that's what is keeping it better than average.

Jake Hollywood said...

You're been mistakenly misinformed re the strike. Being on the front lines, the general feeling amongst us folks on the picket lines is it won't be settled until after the New Year and closer to February at best.

Re: No Country, clearly the Coen Brother's have finally remembered Blood Simple. The ending hasn't appealed to many movie goers, you may be disappointed. But it fits the film.

Re: Juno going to a screening on Sunday, both the screenwriter and director will be available for a Q&A. It'll be interesting, I'm sure.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Aaron - Sweetness!

Jake Hollywood (bastard cousin of Jimmy?) - Hell, it could last a year, who knows. Good luck out there.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Jake - Keep in mind, you're talking to a guy who LOVED Barton Fink, so I'm sure the end won't bother me.

Brett said...

I don't see much any hope that it will (or even CAN) end before New Years. Put me down for Jan 17.

Matt said...

I still don't understand how people are put off by the ending of No Country. Well, yeah, I do understand. The ending makes you think. Some people don't like to think.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

It'd be almost useless for the strike to end now or before X-Mas since nobody is usally around or working up until x-Mas anyways but I don't think it'll last long into the New Year.

PS - I'm going to have to think after seeing No Country? Dammit!

Robert Hogan said...

I was all over that meme.

I've got the wife interested in seeing No Country. Now I just have to get her to the theater.