Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Every once in a while, I get slapped in the face with a image from my past, usually just a flash for no reason at all. This ever happened to y'alls? Perhaps I'm just loony. Probably that.

Anyhoo, I've got a two part question for those give a rat's. List some cheesy/cool/whatev stuff from your past that you think of every now and then that takes you back to a moment/event in your childhood. 2nd, name some flicks that you saw when you were young that you thought were like totally rad but now, not so much.

Here's My Part 1 List:
*Parachute Pants - I looked PHAT in those, boooooyyy!!!
*Good bad bands I loved: Night Ranger, Asia & Journey, all the way. Asia once said, "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes." Has it?
*Mousse - I used a LOT of mousse when I was in my teens. I mean, my hair would not move. At all. Why should it?
*"Girls" by the Beastie Boys
*Playing Chinese Checkers with my Mom.
*My X-Wing (best spaceship EVER).
*Thundercats - Um, ho.
*Legos - Before they came with directions & moving parts.
*My Diamond Back bike.
*Mix Tapes (I made dozens)
*Braces - I got them during my freshman year and had them removed the week after I graduated. Go, high school!
*Hitting Disney with my Grandparents.
*Drakkar Noir

And don't forget videogames:
Atari 7600, Colecovision, Intellivision.
Dig Dug, Q-Bert, Galaga.
And the Gateway/MAC of its time: The C64. I ruled Bard's Tale, by the way.

And now, my movies (forgive me, I was young and stoopit):

Red Dawn: "WOLVERINES!" Loved that!
Friday The 13th Part 4 - I was cheering with the rest of the guttertrash in the audience when Jason was getting hacked up by Corey Feldman.
Rocky 4 - Two words: Ivan Drago.
Commando - Not that commando. I prefer boxers or boxer-briefs. I'm talkin' Arnie kicking ass & takes names. Sweet.
Invasion USA - Chuck Norris. Also kicking ass & taking additional names.
Lucas - I don't blame you, Luc. That chick is HOT.
Oxford Blues - Rob Lowe's finest hour.
St. Elmo's Fire - Rob Lowe on sax (Not the finest hour)
They Live - Roddy!!!
Gotcha! - Totally awesome teen spy triller!

Teen Movies that fucking ruled:
The Breakfast Club (Actually, one of my all-time faves).
Weird Science
Better Off Dead
16 Candles

Note: I was never a fan of Pretty In Pink (Gasp!)

Your turn............


Aaron said...

Red Dawn, Rocky 4, and Gotcha! would be on my list. I'd have to add Rad, Flight of the Navigator, and Monster Squad.... and sadly the tv show KIDS Incorporated.

Mousse was badass, oh and lighting bolts shaved in the side of my head...

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Nice. But the real question is, did you ever have a tail?

Aaron said...

Never. I don't remember ever wanting one, and I think at some point my mom actually forbid me from growing one.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Good for you. Never had one myself, I was more of a prepster mousse kid, but tails were wuite popular.

Also, I saw a tail on a kid recently. Horrible.

Scott the Reader said...

When I was 14, I saw 1941, and I thought it was the greatest movie ever made.

Apparently it is -- for 14-year-old boys. Other audiences, not so much.

Rhys said...

I'm all over this one! You just threw me into full 1980s nostalgia. And the movies...oh the movies!

Okay, let's see...

1.Parachute pants were mighty cool. But remember the pants you HAD to have: Z Cavaricci. (Am I spelling that right?) My God, those were IT. I had a pink pair that fastened with Velcro. Fashion, baby!

2. Speaking of fashion: neon shoelaces, blue mascara, and crimping irons. Hot, baby.

3. Garbage Pail Kids cards!!! Totally obsessed with them.

4. Strawberry Shortcake dolls...I had the best collection in town. Wish I still had them. Transformers were cool too. And I saw all the Ninja Turtle movies.

5. Drakkar Noir...the BANE of every junior high/high school girl's existence. That stuff was STANK. And why did your date insist on taking a BATH in it? I dated one guy who actually kept it in his glove box and applied liberally throughout the night. That and Polo still give me olfactory nightmares.

There's so much more...on to the movies.

You're right, it's fun to see movies today that I thought were SO AMAZING and be able to laugh at them. But 80s movies, more than any other decade, stand the test of time. Nothing will ever beat the movies of the 80s. It's a lost, beautifully tragic decade. Same for the music.

I never liked Pretty in Pink that much or St. Elmo's Fire. But Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Cloak and Dagger (I wanted to be a spy SO BAD), Say Anything, Stand By Me, Just One Of The Guys, Fast Times At Ridgemont High...this could go on forever.

Oh, remember the Corey Debates? Which Cory is cuter: Haim or Feldman? It could drive best friends into slap fights, trying to agree on that one.

And of course, my total addiction to 80s horror movies. There's nothing I can't answer about the golden age of horror. I am the Queen of 80s slice n dice.

Ah, fun post. Thanks for the memories.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Yeah, I liked 1941, too.

Rhys - You had me at Z. Cavaricci. But I never bought a pair - those were reserved for the guidos in our school, also known as "Joey Bag O' Donuts." they'd pull up in their Z28 wearing those.

Yeah, Say Anything. Forgot that one, but just an all around great movie. Cloak & Dagger was cool too.
Just One Of The Guys gave me agita.

My friend and I made up our own anti-Cabbage Patch kids before Garbage Pail kids came along, they were called Onion Patch Brats. We should have took the idea to Hasbro!

And I gotta admit, I loved my Drakkar. I would bathe in it, oh yes. Did you do the leg warmers? I'd pay to see you in those.

Oh, and chinese stars were big around here, and I also wore thsoe spikey bracelets for a time.

japhy99 said...

I think there's a photo around here somewhere of me rocking a baddass mullet.

And in terms of movies, I think enjoyed Something Wild a little too much...

Aaron said...

I'm not trying to plug anything here, but in the film I just finished the characters discuss this very topic.

Back-pack purses, flower-pot skirts, Starter jackets, and Rad.

Rhys said...

haha! Never sunk so low as to try leg warmers, though I do remember those giany 'scrunch' socks.

Onion Patch Brats! Freakin' brilliant. I see a movie in that...with an 80s feel...2 buddies come up with the idea and try to get cross country to present their idea before the guys in suits beat them there with the Garbage Pails...well, you're the screenwriter. You can write it. I see possible genius there. I'd love to see a movie today that a had a true 'feel' of the 80s.

Just One of the Guys gave you heartburn? Blasphemy! Unless you mean your heart burns with LOVE for its awesomeness.

And Chinese stars rocked. They were common playthings in my neighborhood. Parents today probably wouldn't allow them. Lame-os.

And I still dream of one day owning a hover board. (They're real, you know.)

Rhys said...

Oh, and Patrick, you didn't settle the debate. Indeed, which Corey was the cutest?

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I'm supposed to settle a Corey debate? I'm a dude, and never thought about which Corey was cuter.

Having said that, when I was younger I thought Corey Feldman was more annoying, so I would have gone with Haim. BUT - seeing them now, they're both trainwrecks, although Feldman seems to be less of a trainwreck. So my answer is............Corey Hart.

Rhys said...

Good save, Rodio. Good save.

Anonymous said...

I used to start all mymixed tapes off with rocking tunes that began slow and built until it exploded in... if there was space left at the ends I'd tag on theme songs from classic TV shows

High Fidelity was my life

Patrick J. Rodio said...

MQ - Awesome. I must have made 100 mix tapes. I'd have some faster songs, then slow things down a bit for a few, then kick back in with INXS' New Sensation or something.

Siobhan said...

Beastmaster, Children of the Corn, Cloak and Dagger...
I was Corey Haim's biggest fan...
I had a mullet!

hey there mister!
I'm in