Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wait A Minute - Stills

Back in 2003 we were in production of a no-budget epic I wrote called WAIT A MINUTE. My wife and I were self-producing, and I directed and was DP, also.

Things were going pretty smoothly, and then I pulled the plug. The main concern I had was that we were wasting our time. It had a crap budget, and looked like a crap budget, and even if we finished it, NO ONE would EVER distribute it. NO ONE. It was just this scrappy little movie that would never sell.

Plus, the actors were nailing it. They all rocked. If Philly has anything, they've got a kick-ass pool of talent.

It was my own fault for ushering it into production without a real budget, but as I learned from my other past projects, it would'nt have gone anywhere. Some stills I took in '03:


japhy99 said...

Gonna resurrect it?

Aaron said...

You could have tried submitting it to festivals. If the budget is low enough then you don't have to worry about someone buying it or if it would ever go anywhere because you're not putting yourself into too much of a hole.

If the script was good enough, it could have had some life to it. Besides, the world needs more scrappy, low-budget films.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

You're right, but I tried the fest route plenty of times with other things and got only minor play.

But we had a good time making what we did, and we're finally finishing a trailer of sorts for it, so maybe if we could raise a little scratch we'll re-visit it.

The Moviequill said...

I ain't messing with you no more... you know Superman