Saturday, August 18, 2007


Superbad - Go see it. It's a hilarious ride. The writing is sharp, and the actors really carry it. Great performances all around. Smart, fun, and pretty damn real.

And the good news it, I didn't unknowingly rip it off when I wrote Laid. One thing I worrried about was doing that as I finished my script, but they are pretty different so I'm not concerned about that anymore.

I was gonna start a new script tonight, tentatively called Rollin' Thunda but decided to go back and punch up some Laid. The Agent is reading it this weekend, and I'll get his thoughts.

Check out Superbad though. I liked it a lot. Knocked Up was probably a better movie overall, but Superbad has some truly classic scenes & dialogue. Damn funny stuff.


Julie O. said...

I liked it a lot -- most of it felt very real. Wasn't crazy about the cops but loved the rest.

(I warned my husband that if he ever singsongs, "I've got a boner!" in our bedroom, I'll see to it that he never gets another.)

Patrick J. Rodio said...


But that was hilarious. Fogel rules.