Sunday, August 05, 2007


Oh, man. This is a good one. My goal is to have this baby finished ASAP. It's so damn funny, it's raunchy, it's cool. I'm just happy as a pig in poop when I'm writing it.

I'm talking about Laid, and it's about, well, getting laid. I'm concentrating all firepower on it until it's done, then my agent will send it out and it WILL SELL. I have no doubt.

I'll update my progress throughout the week. I'm on Page 55, and am aiming for the mid-90s, maybe lower 100s before I slice & dice it.


The Moviequill said...

Can I go on record I'd love to give it a read when you got all thatfinal draft and registration goo-goo out of the way

Emily Blake said...

Good title.

Thomas Crymes said...

A nice drama about salt of the earth brick layers.

Powerful stuff.

Julie O. said...

Go Pat! Sounds like a fun project. I'm sure your excitement will be all over the page (er-- um... eew...)

Good luck with it!

japhy99 said...

SO great to hear such excitement about a project -- that passion counts for a lot. Best of luck with it~~

Patrick J. Rodio said...

MQ - You got it.

Emily - I agree! And it's a pretty simple title, but perfectly sums it up.

Crymes - It will be powerful. Oscar awaits.

Julie - Thanks! I'll be posting MY on-set with cool hollywood types, too!! Just wait!

Japhy - Thanks!