Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rogen Rocks

This movie will be the sleeper of the summer. The trailers look great. It's got the 40 Year Old Virgin vibe (same filmmakers) and that's a great thing. Plus, Seth Rogen is the star. I've always loved this guy, funny as hell - usually the perfect sidekick - but now is his chance for a decent lead role, and it looks like he nails it.

Check out the Rated R trailer here.

Check out the regular (still funny) US trailer here.


Anonymous said...

"was your vagina drunk?"... classic!

Joe in Haddonfield said...

Looks great.

The regular trailer has so many laughs you worry there are no more in the movie. But the pedigree of the production team makes that unlikely.

Maybe you should have taken Rogen's character to the ER with you the other day.

That would have changed his view of the future.

"One, unfunny episode of Everyone Loves Raymond..." Amen, brother.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Yeah, I hope all the laughs aren't in the trailer, but judging by the Rated R version alone, there should be plenty of gems throughout. Can't wait.

Jones said...

That looked awful.
Beyond bad.
Can anyone write dialogue anymore, what's with the mumbling of words. Annoying.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Actually, what I really liked about the scenes was the dialouge. It felt very real to me, which, if you are even an ounce of a writer, should sound as if someone is actually speaking it.

My point is, try to be less of a douche.