Friday, February 23, 2007

Oscar Love

It's kinda fun this year, since at least some of these awards are anybody's guess......

Best Pic:
I think it goes to the Departed, but if anyone steals it, it will be Iwo Jima. The Queen has zero chance, while Babel just doesn't hold up as a film (great performances, great sequences, but just too disjointed). Little Miss Sunshine is a fun movie, but the BEST of the year? Nah.

Actor - Give it to Forest, but I've love to see Gosling snag it.

Actress - Mirren, whatever. Yawn. Wish Winslet would upset.

Supporting Actress - Looks like Jenny Hudson. Love that Rinko though.

Supporting Actor - I've always liked Murphy, so I'm cool with him winning, although it'd be awesome is Jackie Earle won, or even Wahlberg.

Foreign Film - Not Pan's. Can't picture the Academy getting behind it.

Director - Marty. But don't count out Clint.

Who do YOU think will win?


The Moviequill said...

I don't want Marty to use up his one shot with this one, he deserves it for something better... I want Jackie to win and Michael Arndt for screenplay

Aaron said...

Everyone is predicting An Inconvenient Truth to win but I think Iraq in Fragments could upset. Also, the best films of the year (that were nominated) are in the foreign film category. Water has received no hype but that's my pick.

And with Marty: He didn't win for Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, or Goodfellas. He did deserved it for something better and didn't win when he gave us three of the greatest films EVER. The Departed is his best film since Goodfellas and way better than his last two offerings. Give him the damn thing already.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

I think Best Picture will go to the little indy that could - Little Miss Sunshine and Best Supporting Actress is one of the reasons I can hardly wait to watch - pulling for Jennifer Hudson.

Scott the Reader said...

Little Miss Sunshine
Martin Scorcese
Helen Mirren
Forest Whitaker
Alan Arkin
Jennifer Hudson

Scott the Reader said...

Oh, and The Lives of Others will take Best Foreign Language Film.