Monday, February 26, 2007

I'd Like to Thank........

Well, they finally gave it to Marty, but with his old gang coming out to give the award, was there any doubt? By the way, glad to see Coppola back in the game, with his movie Youth Without Youth in the can and Tetro getting ready to shoot.

A few surprises, namely Eddie Murphy not winning. And I doubt very much it had anything to do with Norbit. It's not the 1st time he's donned make-up for a goofball mindless comedy. No, I think it's his reputation as a douchebag. He's always been a stand-offish guy, at least from what I've read, and I think people remember that shit. But I think it was probably a close race anyways, but Arkin had a lot of sunshine support in the actors ranks, so he snuck on in.
Also, I figured Children Of Men would win cinematography. And I thought Cars was a no-brainer, very surprised Happy Feet won for animated.
Ellen did a good job, she did what she had to do.
What pisses me off about the Oscars is the actual presentation. They can EASILY cut an hour off of it. Do we need to see the "creation of America through film!" montage over and over, as well as the wacky sillouette people in the background? Or the motherfuckers making sound effects like the dude from Police Academy? If they cut some of the bullshit, then they could actually let people finish their thoughts, or if more than 1 person wins the Oscar for whatever category, they could actually let the 2nd Person speak!
Overall, it was a fine time. Glad Marty got it. And I'm looking forward to the soon-to-be-announced Leonardo DiCaprio/Al Gore buddy comedy, a remake of Like Father, Like Son. C'mon, they'd be perfect!


taZ said...

Hey PJ.

I never thought Eddie would win cause his performance was not the best, simply put.

Cars is probably one of the most boring animated movies, and Happy Feet one of the best ones. No surprises there.

I liked the motherfuckers making sound effects like the dude from Police Academy and I liked the wacky silhouette people in the background. I agree with you on the "creation of America through film!" montage though.

And yes, Al Gore and DiCaprio would make a perfect team!!

PS. Since Little Miss Sunshine felt very simple, maybe it isn't very hard to win an Oscar after all. All you need to do is write a very low budget movie full of emotion. Yes that's "all".

The Moviequill said...

I am happy to see Arndt win but not Monahan, show was too long due to the production numbers, we need more leg and cleavage shots to keep my interest next year

Emily Blake said...

One thing really bother me about that best director thing. A look at the list of nominees and the men up on that stage and it's clear that directing is still an old white man's game.

Scott the Reader said...

Well, the three Mexican directors got a lot of respect throughout the evening. I wouldn't be surprised to see one win in a few years.

As for women, it's time to get your butt in gear Emily :-)

MaryAn Batchellor said...

You're so missing the mark on this one. It's Lethal Weapon 5 for Gore/DeCaprio.

Anonymous said...

Scorsese is just thankful that Rocky wasn't nominated this time around! The Departed really is a great film, and even better the second time.

Maybe now it's earned a screening, Pat?

Anonymous said...

"One thing really bother me about that best director thing. A look at the list of nominees and the men up on that stage and it's clear that directing is still an old white man's game. "

So is it a sexist, agist (not a word), racist thing? No. It's a talent thing. I don't mean to be sexist, I am all for equal rights. But most of the movies I've seen that are directed by women are just plain no good. There are exceptions. But I can't think of many. I don't know why that is. I can't see why it would bother you though. These guys are all talented, all love making films, and all have a passion for it.

Emily Blake said...

Wow. I guess it's easy to be a sexist asshat when you don't put your name down.

Opportunities for women have been effected the same way as opportunities for everything else. Women aren't expected to be good in leadership positions so they don't generally try. Things are improving, but they haven't gotten there yet.

The same goes for most minorities, although it is good to see Latinos in the picture.

But the idea that films directed by women are less somehow? Give me a freaking break.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

C'mon, dude. That's an asswipe comment.

Near Dark pretty much kicked ass, and that was directed by a woman.

Bend It Like Beckham, too.

Nicole Holofcener. Sally Potter. Agnieszka Holland. Kimberly Peirce. Rebecca Miller. Penny Marshall. Julie Taymor. Jane Campion. There's more, but your comment is too ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

My name is Matt. And it's easy to call somebody an asshat rather than be original. It is my opinion. Hey, it's not sexist. Many of my favorite musicians are women, and I work for a female boss that I like very much. I just don't happen to enjoy very many of the movies I've seen from women directors. Sorry if that offends you. Perhaps you should get together with Spike Lee. He's hyper sensitive as well.

How is it an asswipe comment? I'm not saying a woman can't be a good director. I said most of the movies I've seen from female directors haven't impressed me. Sorry, again.

But Emily's original comment could be construed as being unnecessary. "old white man's game"? Would you like me to list all the under 35 great directors? How about the Latino, Black, and European directors. Foreign directors past and present. What an asshat comment to make. But I commend you for leaving your name.
Mine is Matt, by the way.

Emily Blake said...

Did you see anyone other than an old white man in that collection of great directors on that stage, Matt?

Did I say the Academy in any way actively prevented women from succeeding?

My point is that old white men still rule the directing category (and the writing category) just like they still rule everything else. And it's time that changed. I, for one, plan to do my part by writing and directing amazing pictures.

I never said those men weren't talented or that they did not deserve their accolades. If anyone's hyper sensitive here, it's you, Matt.