Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Worst of 2006

Here goes....

The DaVinci Code - Took a fascinating topic/book and sucked any sign of life out of it. I didn't mind Hanks or his hair, I minded the boring script.

Failure To Launch - Not a bad starting point, dude loves living with his parents, but the lame-ass script and boring direction literally put me to sleep.

Art School Confidential - Damn, this movie blows. Hard. Bored me too tears. Awful script, clunky direction, and painful performances. That Minghella kid? I don't are who his Daddy is....Horrible.

The Covenant - It's like The Craft, only much worse.

American Dreamz - Could have been a smart take on pop culture, reality TV, etc. It wasn't.

V For Vendetta - This movie can go fuck itself. Dreary, stupid, meandering, and by the end - ytterly pointless. I really really hated this movie. Snooze.

I'll have a Best Of list in a few weeks, I still need to see a few things. But in the meantime, what were YOUR worst movies of 2006?


Aaron said...

Any movie in which a group of people (usually attractive and young*) were killed one at a time.

*Seriously, why doesn't the killer ever stalk a retirement home?

Emily Blake said...

Yeah everybody was so gung ho about V for Vendetta. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thought it was dumb. Definitely not worth shaving your head for.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Not only dumb, but it was stupid!

Aaron, I think you've got a high concept idea there. Run with it! After they kill the Killer they can tell him - "You're retired!" I love it!

Brett said...


I vaguely recall there was a brief wave of buzz around it, but I was never interested then, and am less so now.
I went to few movies last year. but I still regret having spent the time and money to see KING KONG.


Reel Fanatic said...

I liked V for Vendetta, but I'm definitely with you on the rest of these ... For me, the absolute worst movie I saw in 2006 was Lady in the Water ... What an arrogant, empty pile of crap!

Anonymous said...

The Departed - sorry Marty, you jammed too much cinema verite in there for my taste and that twist ending blew

Pirates of Carribean: Black Pearl: lots of stuff happening, no substance and that long 10 minute stretch with no Captain Jack in it bogged it down to molasses

Eric said...

I only saw V because of Natalie Portman. She shouldn't have shaven her head for it.

Chris Soth said...

Ah...WORST movies of they year. Now, 2007 looks like a banner year.

Schmucks with Underwoods said...

Yeah right on with American Dreamz - just awful, awful, awful.

On the sharp satire front Thank You For Smoking pisses on it from a very great height.

I would add most Hollywood comedies to your list. Let's face it, these days most of them are just not funny and full of stock, cliched characters such as the sex-starved, geeky sidekick in films like Dupree and My ex-Super Girlfriend.

Good Dog said...

Have to admit I didn't mind The Da Vinci Code. Hadn't read the book. Wasn't keen on Hanks' pronunciation of "Templar" but there were some good ideas. Should have been a miniseries though.

Probably was the worse film I saw last year. But then most films are so darn lousy I tend not to watch them any more.

James said...

V for Vendetta is the first movie I have EVER walked out of.

And I love Alan Moore. And the commic.

And I sat through the Matrix 2, which was the first movie I ever sat through where at the end, I didn't want my money back... just the two hours of my life I would never get back.

I really can't figure out why so many people can say they liked the movie with a straight face.