Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Children Of Men - This must be seen.

I touched on this earlier, but all I can say is I was floored, from start to finish, with CHILDREN OF MEN.

Please see it in the theater.

The performances are all top-notch, with Clive Owen & Michael Caine leading the way. Love to see Caine pick up a supporting Oscar nod for his work here, but it seems Hollywood's already made up its mind about the nominations, we'll see next week.

The screenplay is haunting, and the plot is actually pretty scary. It just won the USC Scripter award so I'm hoping this will help get it a nomination for adapted.

The direction & cinematography are what defines this film. Breathtaking. Astounding. I can't explain how amazing the direction is, from the brutal action scenes (the car, the apartment) to the calmer scenes (the scene in the school is one of my favorites) and the fact that these are all one long take makes it even more thrilling.

The music is perfect as well. Haunting.

This is the kind of movie that kicks me in my skinny ass, a wake-up call that says - Get it in gear, shithead. And I'm talking about in life and career.

The last movie to floor me upon first viewing was Saving Private Ryan, others to do so in the past were Glory, Platoon, Fearless, and Field Of Dreams.

Children of Men will join them as one of the best I've seen. It's one of the greatest achievements in cinema in a long time.

Go see it.


Anonymous said...

Any idea where I could find the script online?

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Good question, I'll check on that. Love to have a copy as well.

citygirl said...

Damn, that's one helluva recommendation. Maybe I'll check it out this weekend.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Hope I didn't overhype it!

Point is, go see it.

Moviequill said... has a revised draft for $14.99

Greg said...

This movie can't be overhyped though it seems that the crowds are divided. Either you love it or it does absolutely nithing for you.

Sone criticism I heard is quite ridiculous (some people are complaining that setting this story only 20 years in the futuer is ridiculous).

Anyway I think that the movie show in an frightening way what happens to a society which looses hope.


PS: I just saw that you're linking to my blog (Greg's Blog) unfortunately the link points to an old URL. The new one is would be great I you could change it. Thanks.