Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh Seven

Let's cut to the chase:

Pathfinder - Vikings Vs. Indians. Could be good. Looks like Apocalypto meets 300, which might not be a bad thing.

Alpha Dog - Legal troubles, Sexyback, not sure how the flick will turn out. I'll catch the DVD and let you know.

The Hitcher - Remake, seems to flip the roles of the original (seems like the boyfriend will be torn apart like the girlfriend in the original), starring the hot as heck Sophia Bush. The original is an amazing, kick-to-the-balls thrill ride, we'll see how this one goes....when the DVD comes out.

Blood & Cocoa, I mean Chocolate. Dumb as shit title, movie looks even dumber, plus if you've seen the trailer you've seen ALL of the movie. From the creators of Underworld - which suck balls so I'll wait 'til this is on HBO so I can still NOT watch it.

Smokin' Aces - Looks freaking great. I'm there.

Hannibal Rising - More H. Lecter, when he was young. Yawn. Rumor has it he might not have had the best upbringing. This will bomb.

Black Snake Moan - Ricci's hot!

The Number 23 - Or "5" if you add the 2 & 3. Depends how you look at it.

Zodiac - Might be good, the trailer actually starts off ok but then turns sucky.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 - Amazing teaser trailer.

300 - Wow.
Reign Over Me - Sandler. Cheadle. DVD.
Fast Track - Go Bateman!

Blades Of Glory - Could be hilarious. Or not.

Grindhouse - Hope it's good, it's gotta be better than their last 2 movies, Kill Billy & Shit City. Still, it seems like they're wasting time with this kind of stuff.

Trade - Amazing trailer. Looks like a must-see.

Spidey 3 - Looks great. It might even make a buck or 2.

28 Weeks Later - Not necessary, but I haven't seen a trailer yet. Jury is out.

$hrek 3

Pirate$ 3 - Wow, May should be the biggest grossing month in the history of cinema.

Ocean's 13 - Wow, and it's on the 13th! It actually looks like fun.

Fantastic 4 - Nice teaser. Could be a fun ride. The 1st ain't great, but I'll watch it when it's on.

Ratatouille - C'mon Pixar, kids can't say the damn title. At all. Are they gonna rush to Mcdonald's for Ratatouille toys? Plus, they already saw Flushed Away....actually they didn't. It sank. I love Pixar stuff, but I don't see this doing all that, which means 140 million.

Live Free Or Die Hard - Great teaser, could be fun. Again, not necessary as movies go, but what the hell.

Evan Almighty - DVD.

Transformers - This might actually kick some ass. The current teaser trailer is great.

License to Wed - Jim from The Office + Mandy Moore, could be the date movie of the Summer.


The Simpsons Movie

The Bourne Ultimatum - Paul Greengrass is back at the helm, which rocks.

Rush Hour 3 - Why?
Alien Vs. Predator - Why?

Knocked Up - Judd Apatow - Probably hilarious.

Michael Clayton - Clooney. Oscar stuff.

30 Days of Night - Vampires in Alaska during their 6 months of darkness. Great idea. But so was Underworld.

Bee Movie - Written by $einfeld, animated. This year's Happy Feet.

Fred Claus - Fun.

Beowulf - Animated like Monster House, could be amazing.

12/07 - The Golden Compass

Ripley's Believe It Or Not - jim Carrey & Timmy Burton.
I Am Legend - The end of the world, Big Willie Style.

Hairspray - (Wretch)

Very tentative list, some highlights from each month. Release dates will shift, more movies will get added, but you get the general idea of what's coming in 2007. What do you want to see the most?


Aaron said...

There Will Be Blood - P.T. Anderson/Daniel Day-Lewis (sometime in December)

Optimistic_Reader said...

Zodiac and Trade are the ones that grab me the most. Also looking forward to seeing The Last King of Scotland and Babel in the next month.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

There Will B Blood - yes, that, too. Also, when is the Wendell Baker Story coming out? also, it'd be great if Wes Anderson's next one comes out in 2007.

Shawna said...

White Noise 2. Nathan Fillion. Shut up.

I read 'Zodiac' and it is scary and awesome. I hope the movie is more of that.

Also read 'Ripley's'. Great, great script. High hopes...high hopes.

Number 23 is great too.

Happy New Year!!

Shawna said...

Crap! Almost forgot the most awesome movie for 2007 -- FANBOYS!!

Joe Valdez said...

Patrick, I hadn't read if There Will Be Blood is actually shooting and is coming soon to a theater near me, or if this was still in development. Perhaps you could shed some light.

Black Snake Moan, Zodiac, Southland Tales, Knocked Up, Stardust, Shoot Em Up, American Gangster, The Kite Runner, The Mist and Beowulf look the most promising, given that those directors have made tremendous films.

Shawna, you have awesome taste. I don't see you giving any love to Highlander: The Source though.

Aaron said...

There Will Be Blood has wrapped production (in late-Summer '06) and has been scheduled for a December 2007 release.

If anyone wants to pass along the script I'd be a happy person...

Shawna said...

What? They made more than one Highlander movie? Not that I am aware of friend. There can be *only* one (and it is the first one, all others do not exist).

Unless *this* supposed sequel thing proves itself worthy it too will not exist.

First 2 years of Highlander tv show do exist, however.

Joe Valdez said...

Highlander is huge overseas. How Patrick managed to overlook the latest installment in this blockbuster franchise - coming soon to theaters everywhere - is beyond me.

Actually, I have no idea if Highlander is huge overseas, but it has to be, given that I haven't heard of Americans forming lines outside theaters to see it.

After Clancy Brown done got his head lopped off, I tuned out. I figured it would be your domain, Shawna, since they did make a TV series out of the leftovers.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I never ever like Highlander, always thought it was junk. Sorry!

Oh, I also forgot Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle. COULD be great. Or a bore, we'll see.

If Mist comes in 2007 I'm there. And I'll check out Southland Tales.

Moviequill said...

Grindhouse trailer made me sit up and take note, I am into cars and gratutitous death by bumper...

Aaron said...

Wong Kar-Wai -- My Blueberry Nights

citygirl said...

Spidey 3, because we might finally get a trilogy (sans the original Star Wars variety) where each film kicks absolute ass.

300, because...OH MY GOD THE TRAILER. Well, that and my massive Gerard Butler crush. Afterall, he is mostly naked for the whole movie!

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Yeah, I'm straight as an arrow but I'd do Butler.