Saturday, September 02, 2006

Worst TV Show Ever?

Cool Band to listen to: YOUTH GROUP
Cool Movie now on cable: THE BAXTER
Cool Baseball Team to Cheer for: The Phils (be even better if they had some decent relief)

Now the reason for this post.......

I was thinking about some of the cool shows I watch nowadays (when Spongebob or Fairly Oddparents aren't clogging the TV). Entourage. Scrubs. Lost. The Office. And I'm happy that my guilty pleasure (What About Brian?) is returning. And I'm looking forward to some of the new stuff, like Studio 60 & 30 Rock. But it got me thinking back to stuff I used to watch, stuff like Miami Vice (yeah, it's dated, but it rocked), Cheers, and I loved that 'Nam show Tour Of Duty. The A-Team. Knight Rider. The Dukes!

But what show did I despise?? What did I hate hate hate? Only one show comes to mind. No, not Blossom, although Mayim or however you spell her name did get under my skin. And there are plenty of other lame comedies or boring dramas that leave a stench. But the one show that made me want to swallow a lit stick of dynamite was..(drumroll)..Small Wonder.

Oh my God how I wanted her to malfunction. Forever!

What's your worst TV show EVER?


Thomas Crymes said...

I don't think Small Wonder can be beat. That wasn't a major network show though (if that matters).

If I were to throw a show into the ring, it would have to be Cop Rock.

tavis said...

I think Full House is just a given as the ultimate bad TV show.

However, Small Wonder is right up there. I never saw Cop Rock, but the premise sounded awesome, I'm sorry to hear it never caught on.

My vote would be for Mr. Belvedere.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

You know what, Cop Rock was bad, but it had potential. If only it wasn't a musical. i remember watching the pilot, thinking it was solid, and then they started to freakin' sing, and they quickly flushed themselves down the toilet.

L.R. Williams said...

Definitely Cop Rock is the first show that comes to mind.

oneslackmartian said...

haha, it took me about 2 seconds to think of Cop Rock.

Celebrity Boxing was painful to watch, but no writers at fault there.

Did Jenny McCarthy star in a show called Jenny, or was that just conjured up by my methadone use?

kristen said...

Small Wonder, ha ha ha. Lordie. That was bad.

I'm pretty offended by "Home Improvement" and "7th Heaven". I'm VERY offended by the latest crop of reality shows. I was recently subjected to that one where members of metal bands audition new singers for their supergroup. That dreck is absolute torture, and I can't believe anyone willingly wastes their time watching. (I was a captive house guest and therefore kind of stuck.)

L.R. Williams said...

There was another show that came to mind. Heist was so bad that they cancelled it in mid-stream. The plot was for a 4-person crew to rob jewelery stores along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills during the Oscars. I'm sure you're asking why I put myself through this & the reason is I wanted to see how they would come to make this work. Well, I'm no expert, but the story was a mess as it went off course in a number of different directions. How it got green lit, I have no idea.

citygirl said...

I hated Alf with a passion that came from deep within my 12-year-old soul. Ditto Mr. Belvedere. Hate, hate, hate.