Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Let's Shake This House

Writing Update for those who give a dump.

CRICKET HILL Pilot - Waiting for final notes. It's a half-hour of comedy gold!

FOOD FIGHT - Manager has sent it out to agents. The big boys. We're talking ICM, Willy Morris, Endeavor, Gersch, and that upstart CAA, plus a couple smaller ones. Of course, they have to like it. Keep you posted.

ZUCKER - ALMOST done! I love this script, it's a fun comedy about a 40 year old realtor who falls in love with a 19 year old hottie. There's much more to it than that, at this point he's trying to outwit a hotman in the sewers of Mexico. Been tied up with FF & CH to properly finish it but since they're done for now, I'd like to end Zucker.

Westville -Formerly titled Skid Marks, I changed it because I realized it wasn't as broad or "gross-out." although it does have certain elements of that stuff, and as for the main plot, I must keep that underwraps.

Got some other ideas/partially written scripts in the works but I want to finish Zucker & Westville first.

Entourage Note - I loved this season, but got a bit pissed during the last episode - Drama was the only one making sense. Why fire Ari? Just for the "shock" of it (story-wise?)? He's been behind Vince all the way. And when he went behind "Bob's" back, he did so for the best of the project, and for Vince. He couldn't have that loser tagging along with them, killing his mojo during their meetings. Eric knew this, and witnessed Ari's magic when he landed them an offer. So to go and say "Oh let's fire Ari" in the final episode of this season, I thought it was kinda out of leftfield.


taZ said...

You're getting high man! Keep it going!

Skid Marks seemed to sell well for Kozak... http://www.skidmarksthemovie.com/

wcdixon said...

Agree about last ep of Entourage...it was good, but felt orchestrated for a 'season finale' as opposed to making sense.

Just curious, where do you weigh in on the whole MySpace thing?


Scott the Reader said...

Your prolificness (prolifictivity?)is an inspiration. Keep pounding away :-)

The Moviequill said...

you are an inspiration you know? what size shoes do you wear btw?

William said...

Go man go! Bang out those scripts!

I'm with you on Entourage. It did feel like shock value. You know they're going to get Ari back in the fold next season. It just seemed to easy to end it like that.

chris said...


Yes, Entourage ending entirely trumped up and will be reversed Episode One of next season. Ari is "the Fonz" on that show, the minor character no one thought would be the focus of the show, but steals the spotlight from everyone we're supposed to be watching. They did it ok, sure, nice pay-off w/the "branding" runner. IF they're a bit imaginative, they'll string it out for an episode or two, or at least have a great way for Ari to win our hero back -- get him Medellin maybe.

On the Surreal Hollywood Note: I have a couple of meetings a month in the house they shoot as Ari's in Hollywood.

Systemaddict said...

I didn't think the season finale was outta left field- I expected it. I also didn't agree with it- Eric has seemed to lose any sense of himself- become cocky and assuming.

Strange, they wrote and are shooting the last 8 episodes of this supposed season, to air either Jan, or Mar. Piven won't be gone, but- he isn't the manager either apparently- So I hope they tie him in well. He's the best part of the show, imho, and keeping him around will be tough.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Shoe size?