Friday, August 11, 2006

Scripts/DVD/Music/Johnny Drama/Mel

Well, it's official, Food Fight is el completo. Next step is selling the mofo. My manager rode me on this, a very good thing, his notes were amazing and right on. And now I feel great about it. So, we'll see. I'll let you know its progress through the ranks of H'wood. It's going out this weekend so maybe by next week I'll have news. Of course, it could take months now for any news to surface, either way I'll keep y'all posted.

Cricket Hill tv pilot is next. I'm finishing my re-write of that this weekend. The director is in Canada this weekend, doing some re-shoots of his next movie.

As for my next original scripts, I've got 2 comedies coming. One is called Zucker - This has been almost done now for months, but I've been too busy with Cricket Hill & Food Fight to work on it seriously. It's been at page 80 since March! Also, I'm starting a fresh one called Skid Marks. I'll post a logline for it at a later date, all I can tell you is that it's gonna be funny as hell.

On the music front, I bought the new Youth Group album (Ebay) and eagerly awaits its arrival. They're Aussies, go buy their last album (Skeleton Jar). It's amazing. I'm also loving the new Killers' single.

On DVD, I saw Brick (awesome) and The Matador (terrific). Both worth a peek.

In TV land, Entourage is about the only thing I follow, along with baseball. Entourage is having a great season. Each episode has been solid. Kevin Dillon & Jeremy Piven rock.

Haven't seen any flicks in the theater lately, I'd like to see Ricky Bobby & WTC. My wife & kids saw Barnyard, said it was just ok. They skipped The Ant Bully (apparently so did everyone else).

Also, in my previous post regarding Melly Gibson I wrote that Sugartits was a good line (in the comments section). Got some flack for that (WG). I still think it's funny, but understand why it might be taken as offensive, however, it's such a ridiculous term/word, that I think it's hilarious. Sugartits. I mean, c'mon, what is a sugartit exactly? And as WG asked, what if I was called Needledick? Well, honestly, I'd laugh just as hard.


Ryan Rasmussen said...

Hey, um, no, I can't bring myself to call you that. Maybe in person someday. But great news about Food Fight, even if the "end" of writing it is just another beginning. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I'll call you anything you want, honey (smirk)

Joe in Haddonfield said...

Entourage is good, mindless TV. I laugh at the people who look for deeper meaning just because it's on HBO. Whaddya think, it's the Sopranos? C'mon. I hated the Vegas episode, though. No way does Ari drive to Vegas with the boys. And a stripper contest? Not buying it, even for Entourage. Smelled like a (bad) spec script they doctored to make fit the season's arc(s).

I want to rave about Rescue Me and Sunny in Philadelphia on FX right now. You should give them a chance. Although, Sunny was better last season. Still better than most.

writergurl said...

Pat, Pat... Pat. Seriously. Dude, it's NOT the word "sugartits" itself, it's the sexism behind it, and your endorsement of that sexism that I object to.

citygirl said...

WTC was a great movie, you should definetly check it out.

And, Sugartits? That's just perfect. It is now what I call my boyfriend.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Holy Fucking Shit. I in NO WAY endorse sexism for the love of Christ. Just thought it was a humorous/ridculous word, and still think so, and in doing so DOES NOT MAKE ME A SEXIST OR ENDORSE A SEXIST.

Give me a fucking break. Let's not get mad at every fucking thing here.

gizmorox said...

Congrats on all the projects, Pat, I'm very excited for you!

And I agree, I think Sugartits is hilarious. And sure, Mel was being a sexist jackass when he said it. That doesn't make the rest of us sexists for laughing at it. My god, how tired I would be if I took offense to every vaugely sexist thing I came across in my life.

writergurl said...

Pat, not "mad", just sayin'.

Grumpy O. Selznick said...

Brick is great. I just wrapped a production with Noah Fleiss, who plays Tug in Brick. He's a hell of a nice guy, despite having spent his youth working for Michael Eisner.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Awesome, Tug was great in Brick.

Chris said...

I really enjoyed Brick. Just finished The Matador and couldn't really get into it... but to each his own :-)