Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I like this poster, I think it works. I also dig the trailer, but I'm not sure about Spacey as Lex. I mean, I'm sure he'll be adequate and all, for all the backlash he gets he's a good actor. I've just grown used to Michael Rosenbaum's portayal on Smallville, and I like them being around the same age, as on the show, you can seen them go from friends and to eventually, enemies.

At least it also has Kate Bosworth, who is hot as freakin' hell with her multi-colored eyeballs & perfect bod.

Also, I saw the full World Trade Center trailer. I gotta say, it actually looks good.

Good ep of Lost - "Michael has been compromised." Nice.


Thomas Crymes said...

I can't wait for Superman Returns.

What backlash are you talking about? I wasn't aware of any.

It looks like Spacey is channeling Hackman's Lex Luthor from the original Superman. Since this movie is a spiritual sequel to Superman II, I think it is a good choice.

Never watched Smallville, because I have little patience for Muppet Babies.

aaron said...

I loved Muppet Babies, especially when they'd do the Star Wars episodes... Do they do that on Smallville? That'd be a sweet sweeps episode.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Spacey backlash on just about every website that talks about the movie. and certainly, when it was first announced he would be Lex. And in the movie theater where we saw the trailer and people groaned when he appeared on screen.

Like I said, the guy is a great actor, and I hope he works out great as Lex.

Also, Smallville is actaully a neat show, not sure what muppet babies has to do with it though.

Thomas Crymes said...

Muppet Babies-

I don't like pint-sized versions of shows I already like.

Watching a teenage Superman is so much less interesting to me than a full-sized one.


I've always thought the move was great, and had never heard a bad word about it until your blog. Guess I just don't get around.

William said...

Patrick -- WTC? It's looking a little over-the-top, no?

Check my site for my reaction...the redesigned [this savage art...]

ScriptWeaver said...

That new trailer. Superman flying after that burning, shredding plane. The music.

I haven't had goosebumps like that in ages.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

William - the trailer I saw was good. Not sure how the whole thing will turn out, but we'll see.

It'll be hard to beat Flight 93, that's for sure.