Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Principal Vernon

Ah, this sucks, dead from cancer (from asbestos for corn's sake). Great, great character actor, and of course he was in the classic in THE BREAKFAST CLUB, an amazing movie (one of my faves), and in the scene that gave this blog here its name.

Paul Gleason, we'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

there's abestos in unfiltered Marlboro's.. or someone told me (don't sue me Mr Big Tobacco)

Enzio Pesta said...

I don't think I liked that man very much. Spent too many Saturdays in DT. Ok, so I'm focusing on the character he played. But, MAN, he was nasty in the movie!

I've been having trouble lately keeping grips on reality, so when you spark that part of my brain that seems to think Homer Simpson is a real person, I reach for the medication.

Brett said...

Everyone remembers him as the principal in BREAKFAST CLUB, but I liked him more as Clarence Beeks in TRADING PLACES.

One of my most-quoted lines came from Beeks: when Jamie Lee Curtis, dressed as Inga, from Sveeden and at the apex of her way-hotness, pushes her heaving booozums into Gleason's face and asks "please to hep me vit ma roooksack?"

Gleason glances down into her cleavage for 1.3 nanoseconds, shrugs, and says "Yeah, sure. Why not."

Genius on a stick, baybee, served flaming on a bed of pilaf.

[beer salute]

Thank you, Paul Gleason.

Alicia said...

I'm raising my glass and clinking as well! As someone who grew up on John Hughes and his Brat Pack, I have a very warm spot in my heart for the character actors in his movies... Harry Dean-Stanton is another one!

RIP Paul. :)