Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Let's waste time, chasing cars, around our heads"

That's from Snow Patrol's latest album, go get it. The song's called Chasing Cars.

Manager is checking out the new draft of my script Food Fight. He loved the idea & execution and had some minor notes which I worked on last week, now he's got it back. Damn I love that script. He plans to take it out as a spec and try to sell that puppy.

Now I'm polishing Smoking America, a script I first wrote back in 1999. The polish is based on notes from the one & only Scott The Reader. It's about a Nj pothead who wins the lottery & runs for President. He'll have that in a day or two.

Attached-director is reading my Cricket Hill TV pilot. The next conference call we have will discuss whether to make it a half hour or hour. I've got Season 1 almost totally mapped out. Once he OKs the pilot script they take it out to the studios.


mernitman said...

I'm having fun with the new Patrol CD, too. The Sufjan Stevens reference cracks me up, among other things... Do you think it's as strong as the last one, though?

Patrick J. Rodio said...

No, not yet anyway, there are a few standouts, but the other CD was pretty solid all the way through. Chasing Cars is amazing though.

Anonymous said...

man you have the proverbial irons in the fire

Steve Peterson said...

I am so there for the Pothead Prez film -- that sounds terrific.