Saturday, July 26, 2008

'Book Me

So I signed up for Facebook recently. I like it, it's a neat alternative to myspace, and it feels cooler and less dirty/nasty/filthy than myspace.

Anyway, just get on their if y'alls got a facebook page and look me up!

Saw Stepbrothers. Funny stuff. not amazing, and more of Will Ferrell/Man Child antics, but it's still funny shite.

Going to see The Knight That Is Dark on Sunday.


L.R. Williams said...

I've seen it twice & I'll be commenting on it shortly.

Script Demon said...

Hey, Patrick.

Come by once in a while to see what you're up to. Always interesting to read news on your front. And the comments from Blue Cat were pretty cool.

Looks like our old friend Olaf is up to his old tricks again. You may want to check out this new variation on his themes. Pretty funny stuff.