Sunday, July 06, 2008

We'll Survive - The 7 Song Meme

Okay, Crymes hath tagged me with the 7 song Meme (What I'm litening to right now). This is pretty much it, in no order:

1. Weezer -The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. A fun, jokey song, but also one that you can listen to and decide that you're gonna kick some ass.

2. Weezer - The Angel & The One. This speaks to me. Truly. Usually a tongue-in-cheek band, they drop a few serious ditties once in awhile. The lyrics:

It's not my destiny to be the one that you will lay with
So many reasons why I have to go but want to stay here
Sometimes I want a taste, but then I don't know what I'm saying
You are the angel and I am the one that is praying

There is another love that I would rather be obeying
I see the ecstasy, and already I'm anticipating
I feel a deeper peace, and that deeper peace is penetrating
I've got the magic in me, I am complete is what I'm saying

I'm flying up so high, my purple majesty displaying
I've reached a higher place that no one else can make a claim in

I'll take you there my friend, I'm reaching out my hand, so take it!

We are the angels and we are the ones that are praying
Peace, shalom
Peace, shalom
Peace, peace

3. Maps - Don't Fear - Simple song really, with only 5 lines and it's 6 minutes long. The lyrics are:

Don't fear
The sun
Feel like someone
Somehow, somehow

4 & 5. Coldplay - Lovers In Japan & Strawberry Swing - My 2 faves off of their new album, and album full of great songs, but these stand out to me. Just wonderful, wonderful stuff here.

"....One day, the sun will come out...." Lovers In Japan

6 & 7. James - Great band from the UK. They sang the classics Sit Down and their biggest hit, Laid, among other gems. They've got a new album (Hey Ma) with some great stuff, most notably Boom Boom, just a bittersweet, precious song (it ends in a flourish of strings, the icing on the cake) as well as Of Monsters & Heroes & Men - Sample lyric, the end of the song:

Rambling poets
Manic with vision
We are the drivers yet we feel driven
Moths in the moonlight
Fooled by a flashlight
Caught in a jam jar
Gasping for air

Either way. I’m in awe of you.
Either way. We’ll survive. We’ll survive.

I shall now tag Aaron & Moviequill.


Aaron said...

I accept.

Kid Sis said...

Beautiful stuff! Thanks for taking the time to post the lyrics.