Monday, April 28, 2008

Summer B.O.

Here are my guesses for the Summer Box Office. Feel free to chime in.

Hancock - 340 million

Iron Man - 330 million

Sex and the City - Sigh. 40 million.

Dark Knight - 320 million

Speed Racer - 180-190 million. It doesn't look bad in my eyes (or in my son's eyes, he can't wait). It looks like campy fun. They embraced the orignal source, and I think that was wise. It's all over the place where it matters (Nick, Cartoon Network, online, in cereal boxes, and the toys have been out for weeks).

Indy - 290 million.

Wall-E - Number 5 is alive again! Yes, it looks like that goofy robot from the Short Circuit epics, but the damn thing is adorable and there looks to be some pretty special visuals here. Plus, you know, Pixar. 260 million.

Narnia - 300 million

Incredible Hulk - Eh, I just don't see this killing at the box office. 70-80 million.

Love Guru - Mike Myers is back. If it's funny, I'll say 175 million.

The Mummy - 90 million. I don't think people will care after Indy.

Tropic Thunder - 150 million.

Kung Fu Panda - 140 million

Get Smart - Opens against Love Guru. Doubt both comedies can make it. 60-70 million.

Wanted - Looks fine and all, but nothing new. Let's call it 90 million.

The Happening - I liked the Green Effect better as a title, but this looks creepy as hell, and I think it'll be a nice surprise. 240 million

Pineapple Express - 120 million - Will probably open big but drop fast. Doubt it will have Knocked Up legs. In the end, as hilarious as this looks, it's about potheads on the run, and pothead movies aren't usually blockbusters.

X-Files - 90-100 million.

If they're good, Meet Dave (Eddie Murphy comedy), Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D & Step Brothers might make some noise.


Aaron said...

I think Dark Knight will pull in more than Hancock or Iron Man.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

It might. If it's as good as it could be, then it just might.

scottycwilliam said...
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Butch Maier said...

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Butch Maier said...

Sorry, it's late. Make that link for the romantic comedy blog

Oh, and I will say $500 million for Indy. Don't forget the nostalgia numbers.